retarded talker confesses to banging hoes

The talker who calls himself @Azor Ahai yesterday confessed to having banged a skanky hoe, shocking hundreds of talkers who had assumed he was a homosexual.

Incase you’re wondering, there’s no way he just walked out of the brothel without fuacking a skank. He continues:


I don’t believe him. This guy is a faggot, no way he’d get aroused by a woman. I don’t care if he claims otherwise. I was going to keep quoting his post, but I’ve had enough of his creepy bullshit.

Si ulitoka ktalk jana.Araaah

I was planning to kill this handle lakini admin keeps frustrating the other handle.

Either the post is awaiting approval by moderater ama sometimes they just delete whatever post was awaiting approval.

@admin @administrator @Electronics4u

Attention sucker…Enda unyonye mboro shoga hii…Tena ulale