Resurrect Nkaissery or forever shut up: Atheists in Kenya to Prophet David Owuor

By William Osoro (

Atheists in Kenya have come up with a response regarding allegations Prophet Owuor had resurrected a dead woman by simply sending a text message to the deceased’s husband.

“All is well” the self-confessed prophet’s text read.

News of the woman’s ‘resurrection’ sparked jubilant celebration among the prophet’s followers, who turned to Nairobi streets chanting “Jehova, amefufua, Mama Rosa,anatembea”.

Following the news, Atheists in Kenya have now asked Owuor to resurrect former CS Nkaissery who passed on Saturday morning.

“We are asking Prophet Owuor to resurrect Nkaissery from the dead or forever shut up about his miracles!” the association posed.

Apewe ministry of resurrection and healing pale KNH…

However much I would like to believe in this thing called religion, the more I also doubt it. I will post a documentary about Jesua tomorrow.


You used direct quotes. You MUST attribute those to the specific person that said it, or you MUST acknowledge that this is a lie.

Glad you saw the light, sista!

And if it’s that stupidass, anti-theist dolt called Mumia, he speaks for himself.

I am not an atheist either.

Not sure

Organized religion has lost meaning.

Don’t worry about the labels. The important thing is to seek the truth.

Has your tomorrow comed?

Am still waiting for the post