Restoring IMEI

Wakubwa, I have tried all the options in the market to restore IMEI to an android I reinstalled its stock rom (unajua hizi zinahitaji email). Nothing is working. It’s a tecno w5. MTK isnt working, rooting software i have used have all claimed that they dont have the rooting thing for the phone. Saidieni. Kila kitu iko sawa except data, and the IMEI

Hapo kwa email nimekwama pia after hard resetting. Tuna pitaje hio pahali

look for Stock Rom for your phone and install SP Flash tool to restore it to its factory defaults.

SN write tool or maui meta will do the work

if your phone has a locked bootloader unlock it using ADB. android will format everything including email verification… atleast it works for me in almost all occasions.

Why do you need to restore imei…? I’m currently using possibly 1000th imei on my phone

MTK problems

download and install Maui Meta and make sure u have the phones factory rom (with DB file) follow instructions and thank me later

Try SQL injection.


Kaa serious mjamaa


Tekno na hii maneno ya custom rom/ root bla bla ni kama Wavinya Ndeti na methali