Respect The OG

Khaligraph Jones, let’s start with the song @Gaza… Delivery on point and the visual speaks volumes… Dude goes extra mile just to give you the taste of the casket… The 1st verse in the video is been delivered by @Kjones in all black thus the theme of the verse… 2nd verse delivered by kjones in casket wearing all white thus the peaceful theme and lots advice…

Don’t forget homie can drop a freestyle that can set tongue waggin’ hehehe this time he did aim the gun to my homie @Nyashinski… Hehehe

Last but not least somebody amwambie Size 8 rapping is aint for everyone ata ukiandikiwa delivery matters that much… Or else zita remain just words on a paper… Hahaha

@Bonus… Which song is the dopest…


Screwplus also should be advised to leave and forget the music industry… Amekuwa underground for the last whole years of his career and the coming too

Too old for such crap

How old are you? Jay z is f*ckin 45yrs old a succesfull CEO n a father nabado anaweza listen to a rap song… Clearly u don’t belong here… This is entertainment thread if can’t relate @123tokambio

Enda usikize Mugithi kama wazee wenzako

Hiyo beat mi original ama sample?


Guess you meant (52)

kama huyu ni OG, Abbas na akina K Shaka ni nini?. plus mbona ana-address Gaza na 1960 na kilami???

Yap tht the problem… Ile audience ame target they don’t do that flow… Tho the song dope… About the ‘OG’ sikuizi kila mtu anajipa title n they live to defend it ask ‘king kaka’

kanye West hajui Sheng

Abass ni gwiji but yeye hana haja na fame.

Labda Kanyi…huyo anajua sheng…

He is actually 47, but I agree with you.

That reach
I ain even promoted any shit i made but already got a rep!.
IF you were a God made bitch then


Why you you consintently remind me how stupid and inadequate you are intellectually, to even put me in your thought process when making a post-Is disrespectful.
Bitch just stop your hating salty ass no life ain even in your ball sack bitch ass nigga.Plus in this section my shit has always been on point and always day 1 nigga before the hype train reaches the platform kinda things.


[ATTACH=full]112278[/ATTACH] banger brings tears to real hiphop fans…