Respect farmers


farming has got to be the hardest and least predictable source of income …decided to run back to shags for my personal 20k tree planting project .Manze since yesterday I have only done 1000 plastic bags mixing forest soil with mbolea…na bado 19k imagine …thank God I have uninterupted water supply

Ferk you too

Huo mto unaonyesha middle finger … chunga usikauke…

Wamanyondo kaa ngumu mpaka ufikishe target.

20K trees at a spacing of 1 meter then you will need 5 acres of land. Sizable investment

Am only preparing seedlings…zikiwa tayari I donate to institutions for proper planting

It’s a taboo to curse a river

Where is the bamboo guy?

You know this from your Mosa bamboo saplings in Rumuruti? :D:D

Just kidding.

Patricia moved from saying I have nothing to telling everybody I have land. I don’t mind that because I’m proud of it.
How is she doing? Is she still mentioning me in every post? Tell her I have land in Kajiado county also. Laikipia and Kajiado and pretty soon I’ll ongeza Lukenya.
I’m curious, is Patricia extremely ugly? Everything tells me she is worse than Tarana Burke :smiley:

Mbona vidole iko na nywele ya mbuzi…ama wacha tu.

Bottom fagot …tombwa mkundu …thread ishanuka meffi

Had to goggle her. Kwani huyu alikosea Mungu nini?

Congratulations on beginning. That work is for sure very involving.

:D:D Such a person si lazima awe na major issues? Tarana Burke hates men and Patco hates men in Kenyatalk. That’s why I know she’s fugly too. She hates me, uwesmake, abba, Mzee Mzima, mundial and so many others.
Hang around you’ll see her

Imagine ukipiga mama ya @Mundial finger na hizo vidole :D:D

Good job.

Jitetee pekeyako upigwe finga na kidole kimejaa matope bila kunitaja :meffi:

Vipi msito @Thiem