Part of my life i invested in this woman, she failed me terribly.

2019 i have spend/invested about 25k in kungurus/lanyes ( i know elders here have spend more on them)

2020 onwards am not investing in a woman except on myself and my offsprings

Izi vitu hazinaga thanks ni mateke tu ka punda

25k??? In a year? Damn kwani unawabuyianga kuku na chipo ya 500 and that’s enough??

I have a sweet tongue and a plan to get laid very cheaply. Most kungurus will lay you freely if you are a smooth operator. One of them alinichanua years ago. They will change a beta male 3k but there is one anakula free too

Kwanza one high-end lanye i dicked well she has feelings for me, she gives me freely while charging others minimum 10k a night

Beta male umekubali red pill philosophy , pole pole.

Red pill is gaining high market shares.

Ata picha ya Miguu za huyo high end lanye hakuna

Fact remains she’s a lanye. The excitement that comes with winning a pussy that is only yours, at leats for the time being, is priceless.


480 per week
or 68 bob a day
or 2000 per month.

very cheap. hata hufai ku complain :smiley: : D

smooth operator na malanye in the same sentence??? Hakuna!!! Wewe ni a bitter beta. Ghaseer

Tulisema kama maboiz wako wa mogoka den wamechoka na story zako, chapia hiyo mbuzi iko kwa profile yako

Its time we launched the Redpill app

Being asked money halafu mateke ni betamales pekee wanapitia.Upgrade your game utaitiwa puthy free of charge .Only weak/nice guys pay money

Hio 10K you saved, have you constructed the foundation of a house with it?

Usijali @ChifuMbitika spent 25000shs on a hooker for one night

25K a whole year. Considering there are about 52 weeks a year, that means you spend about 500 per weekend. Ghasia wewe, hiyo ata haitoshi gurana mbili. What kind of cheapt thots ar you chasing. Kijana tafuta psa umaskini itakumaliza

Of course I did.

Kijana, unangoja asante? Si umepewa kinembe? Unataka afanye nini ingine? For 25k p.a?

Is that something to brag about? You should be crying and mourning instead.

i finished one of my apartments last year- tenants wanaingia january