Resist and trash the lords prayer. We are leaving Jerusalem step by step, day by day...


@Purple the liberal, atheist cancel culture brats wameanza kazi i.e removing God from every place.

She belongs to the Green party which is described as leftwing, eco-SOCIALIST. :D:D:D

Abigail is also heavily involved in legalizing abor.tion, g.ay rights and same sex marriage. :smiley:

She is also single, possibly bisexual. Well educated. The perfect CV for the modern, empowered feminist liberal. Australia’s version of AOC.

This year I understand the Democrat Biden clan were planning to ban Christmas because it is associated with Christ.

@T.Vercetti Why are they like this?

:D:D:D issa new world.

They are educated. With masters degrees. And you can’t tell them shiet.

Look at the cities and towns they lead. Street families everywhere filth.

There are no haters like religious people. It is only funny, not ironic, just because God is love!

It hurts when people talk like this, couldn’t finish listening because those words are defiling my soul. But remember we were warned that that day will not come until the world falls into widespread apostasy.