Resident Analyst Ahai vindicated

In as much Kijiji is a cesspool, @Azor Ahai posts some nuggets once in a while which turn out to be true. Aliguzia this when the fake war started. Big up Pilsner buoy. Nikirudi kanairo nitabuy crate mzima.


Those men should oust Zelensky bana

That’s how men were born.

But then again, having women on the frontline can be a huge challeenge by itself. Absolutely useless creatures.

The only fair thing to do imo. Can’t keep dying for useless stuff.

The bitter truth banae. It’s only nature doing it’s thing. Then some people would say ati equality

Since the dawn of human time, women have always been professional resource extractors FROM MEN. That’s essentially hypergamy. They find the most resourceful man in the vicinity, and try to leverage sex for resources. That’s the basis of ALL marriages and that’s why men cant be loved unconditionally. Ukrainian men are not providing because they are at war against Russians. The women are not in Ukraine but their nature of extracting resources using their sexuality does not change. You can take them to Jupiter and within two weeks there will be Tinder profiles.