Resgistrar of supreme court should produce forged documents

How sure are you that it is not Chirobber and Njoki Ndung’u who are lying. I believe if whatever they claim is true, Jubilee would have really pushed that narrative by now.

:D:D:D TIBIM! UOTP Tialala!

si ndio nyaiyaki anaambiwa atoe zile walitumia na amadi ndio ukweli ubainike wakenya wote waridhike wanaanza kusitasita…

Sawa…let the truth prevail and I hope people will be objective in this and in the 26th pole so that we get over with the election thing.

hapo sawa uncle

Both ways, the independent EACC needs to intervene and make it clear. What we know for sure is that fake files were filed in SCOK. What we are saying is that whoever filed the fakes should face criminal charges!

Same logic states that if it were false there would be proceedings against NJOKI for falsifying records.