Resetting your phone from audio sensor command

Villagers help me reset my phone back to default. I accidentally touched the back up reset button and everything has changed. The screen is sensing my touches and issuing commands on how to operate. For instance if I touch the WhatsApp app,it recognizes that it’s WhatsApp and then an audio command is issued saying to double tap to open the app. Please anyone with an idea on how I can reset back this phone?

I honestly have no idea!

Fungua google assistant, sema hey google kisha sema turn off talkback

Fungua googlle setting zima hyo sauti

Ingia kwa Accessibility settings

Hiyo ni feature for blind or dumb go to settings ubadilishe kama @JM. Pombe alivosema hapo juu

Santi sana wanakijiji @JM. Pombe for your direction pia @lovemashbae na @PabloDiablo I managed to reset my phone back to default

Unakuwa tracked msee…tupa iyo simu kwa choo, masanse wako rada yako.

Oyaa medi pole pole hiyo shada inakukimbiza

Shada gani nugu?

Hello…did you get help?

Yeah, sure I managed