Reputable Computer Shops CBD

Wadau, I’m looking to buy a new laptop. What shops are worth a visit? Najua Moi Ave na Tom Mboya kuna some thugs na sitaki kupatana nao. Suggestions tafadhali.

Ingia tu Amazon, identify your gadget and then find a way of bringing it here eg MallForAfrica, Kentex Cargo, StatesDuka, MyUS etc. But at a fee.

Alternatively, if you can get a nigga flying back soon, let them order while there majuu but watahitaji ujanjez na KRA pale JKIA.

On Amazon, target “Certified Refurbished” electronics. What this means is that they are used/ partially used/ slightly older models that have been refurbished by the manufacturer themselves and are in immaculate condition and always looking pristine! For example, I saw recently that one can get a Galaxy S10 at only $229, refurbished by Samsung themselves (a phone which was $900 just two years ago and is still very much a flagship today).

Use the same approach for laptops and you’ll get an unbeatable deal that you can never get in a Nairobi shop.

Ebu search fot the laptops and give us the links

in the meantime enda pale mombasa computers ama yellow apple technologies

Apo mombasa computers Kuna kunguru swafi zaidi iliniuzia desktop,Kama anataka laptop aniambie ni mpee number anegotiate price b4 aende kwa physical shop

I’m looking for this model, but with 512GB SSD. Any leads? Hp ProBook 455 G7 Price In Kenya, Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru | Kenya | Laptop6 KEN

+254757044814 wairimu Mombasa computers talk to her

Unataka second hand ex-uk/ ex-whatever or you want new?

Brand new.

Thanks man.

In that case, you are better off importing. Locally, you better start by calling HP themselves so as to get a guaranteed computer. I have been at Mombasa Computers they are generally nice and will give you a good deal but without a local warranty. Just a store warranty. In case of anything - unaweza rudisha but only to that store.

Mombasa computers has sweet girls that you can eat. Just as @mr shairman did. Last time I checked you were not married and you do not have kids so uwanja ni wako.

Try Saruk

Hebu nipigie HP Kenya.

Hey you guy ebu contact @Axelrod he delivers,check my attachments
@Axelrod check this out

Check at Mitsumi, reddot, reddington, or sight & sound all those are legit approved hp dealers .Thank me later

Tafta huku [ATTACH=full]372018[/ATTACH]

second hand kuna wale flashsalers on Telegram. Used machines but zinakaa beast

It was a pleasure.

If you wish to import @Axelrod is your plug , I always vouch for him I have imported through him as well n I can recommend .

Reputable+computer+CBD doesn’t compute. Jaribu bahati any random shop if it’s a low end ex-UK comp you want at under 30k. Anything worth more than that but abroad online ship na Abdi.