repurcussions of a talker father

Hey cretins, whether I’m a pink or blue handler is none of your fwacky business. What would you do or say absorb it if you found out your father is a talker.indeed one of those active talkers someone who’s being tagged by akina @Meria Mata ,@FieldMarshal CouchP ,@gashwin ,@Kimakia ,@Purr_27 …and many more… I mean this mzee has over 100 notifications… Too bad I was not able to get to know his handle… I can’t imagine this old mzee akisoma threads za akina @under23 ,@tall mnyama everywhere ,@Starscream …feeling pissed of… No wonder there is a day he was dead drunk I remember him say kunguru enda ukakamuliwe mbali na mimi. He was referring to my mum. Aki dad I know you shall read this, just quit the village… It was meant for us youngins… Meanwhile, ukikataa ntakustalk hadi Nijue handle yako. Weka hio simu yako password ama utaju hujui… Nkt, some things it’s better are left unsaid… But it shall act too like a blessing in disgust, I will let you know(najua ushai sema kunguru hafugiki hapa) how I once busted your wife(not mum anymore Nkt) akifikishwo the ktalk threshold…she bought my silence na 4k.(enda ukanunue visit) Nkt, Nkt, Nkt… Ata heri nife tu. I usually just look across the sitting room tukikula supper Nashiba tu, filthy, filthy… It’s not nice. I feel mentally wasted. Can’t stop thinking about it

Wueh firrage thpontherth come get your seedlings

We know who likes calling others son… @Meria Mata @digi ameamua kukuanika kinjaro

Wacha propaganda boss. Keti pale _________> ghersia

Look at this one.umetoka nawapi sasa?

i doubt those esp @Meria Mata coz in those micro seconds that i had gained access to his browser,i saw a notification which he had been quoted… ofcourse he may be a multi handler.but i guess he is now acting smart juu he’s not leaving his browser logged in anymore…ata labda ashajua ninamsorora

Live your life achana na ya mzee

@digi usiambie @Meria Mata ushawai pata Mutheu akipeana slices kwingine…I knew he has a gaturubaruuu kind of dcik

Why dont you leave your @Father alone @dude.

@cedar = @Mzee mzima = vifaranga za admin

enyewe…but living his life is one thing,but leaving your footprints everywhere is another

This NV guy is a multihandler …anataka hii thread ipepee ndio apate cheo kama hio handle yake ingine…

Bullshit detector on red alert.

Lazima mlisalimiana na mzae pale Rico pub

You have announced your next move too early so sahau stories ya kumnasa. Meanwhileget used to the fact that your father would maybe, rather disown you than get stripped of the titles that he bears here.

Hapana taja mimi ovyo ovyo

Huyo lazima ni baba Phil ama Jakipash. Actually Jakipash no wonder ali left:D


How did you know about another man’s dick???

Kwa sababu amekuwa akidinya sana so it has reduced with time,plus the curses of impregnanting women ovyo ovyo…lakini lilikuwa tusi tu