Republican U.S. judges choose Constitution over Trump as election fraud cases keep failing

Shikwekwe si ndio hizi court cases and executive decisions za Trump 99% korti wame rule against him. Many times Trump has had to use his presidential authority and veto power to override the courts.

Legal affairs of Donald Trump as president - Wikipedia

Personal and business legal affairs of Donald Trump - Wikipedia

It’s not a conspiracy. The courts just don’t like him. @obienga used to post court cases almost daily of some judge who has opposed a Trump directive.

Remember the Democrats from 2017 to 2019 filed over 500 cases against Trump possibly 1,000 ranging from tax records to even ancient cases from the 1980s.

These Democrats and their judges were and still are very determined to make the country ungovernable.

They wanted to keep Trump in court. There are state prosecutors all over New York just waiting with trumped up charges of sorts. Mainly black Americans because the black man does the white man’s dirty work.

They are hoping he wastes his money in court corridors. Pure malice.

There was CNN vs Trump :

CNN v. Trump - Wikipedia

Trump vs CNN

State of Washington vs Trump :

Washington v. Trump - Wikipedia

Haawai vs Trump :

Executive Order 13780 - Wikipedia

And Trump lost all those cases.

Halafu uniambie we should expect kindness from these courts?

Some judges never even listened to the cases they just ruled in favour of Trump’s opponent to punish the President for defeating Hillary their fellow lawyer…

The village is still arguing about election results?
Move on. Biden and Kamala have already picked their inauguration day suits. Don the party-pooper con won’t be ‘officially’ invited, but is welcome to attend. The elections were very fair and the best candidates won. Don can fire all the honorable officials who have confirmed that there wasn’t massive fraud as he claims. At the end of the day, he will be a common hustler on January 20, and the New York AG is waiting for him with arms open.

Wikipedia’s your source? You know who writes on wikipedia. Usamehewe…

Word… word

Arguing with T Vercetti about Trump issues gets really tiresome. The guy has drunk so much Trump conspiracy stuff, he almost worships the man. Which is a pity, because on other issues, the fellow comes across as having some really solid brains between his ears.

The other sad reality is that Vercetti is not the only smart person that has fallen under the cult like spell of that conman

Sadness of life

Please don’t take my name in vain you are mistaking me for somebody else. I’ve not even commented in this thread

How can you call 74 million people a cult?

Soros and Bill Gates therefore TO A FILTHY LIBERAL LIKE YOU wikipedia is very accurate.

Wikipedia is a leftist Democrat media source which is updated regularly to fit the Democrat narrative so I don’t understand why you especially you would fond reason to doubt it.

Nevertherless because I know that you are not tech savvy and you are just a Luhya lad from the village, wikipedia has citations linked to other sources. For instance if you click on any of those cases listed on those webpages they will lead you to the court records themselves or to a newspaper clipping which details that particular case.

But… I don’t know if your bonobo brain even knows what a citation is.

If I’m so smart then why would I be dumb on only the Trump issue?

Trump is stable genius.

He sees what you cant see. He was a member of the Democratic party and he knows those thugs inside out.

You are easily fooled by these corrupt lawyers who head the Democratic party.

Tumesoma hio chama ya Democrats indepth miaka mingi usifikirie we don’t know thugs when we see them.

The Democratic Party is the party of slavery and their history is well known including how they fooled black people to leave the Republican party and join them!

:D:D:D:D I remember Hillary had selected very expensive gowns for that night 0n 8th November 2016… hahahaha

She had a selection of designer gowns and chose two. She also had a selection of venues for the after party… she chose two …just in case.

Naskia aligongwa na bumbuwazi hata hakulia. :smiley:

She didn’t shed a tear, but Americas top medics were on standby for about two weeks.

She didn’t speak for several days. Learn from history.

Just let you know I created a wikipedia page for my wanga clan ( I have to hide some leads ndio punda milia kama wewe isinijue) …and about not being tech savvy :D:D wacha tu… we are all faceless here otherwise ungejua you are wrong in almost everything…

  1. A third of them and not college educated… all they care about is Qanon chieth.(These are the tobacco chewing idiots who think like they are in the 60s).

  2. The other a third is evangelicals/conservatives. (I feel like vomiting just by mentioning them).

  3. The last a third is hard core racists idiots . This includes the likes of purple na @T.Vercetti who think they will be white in color in the near future .

Those are your cults . You welcome …

Court cases are won by evidence. All the evidence so far show Biden won the past election fair and clear:


[I]Joe Biden[/I]'s margin over President Donald Trump in the nationwide popular vote is now more than 7 million votes
and may continue to grow as several states continue counting votes.

So you assume the whole of wikipedia has been written by jokers like you?

And if one was to put wikipedia aside which source of information would you personally recommend as a solid source of info tuangalie hapo saa hii?

Number 3 Trump’s court cases are so many and it’s amazing that you are hearing about them right now!

If @administrator had not destroyed the old threads ningekuwekea hadi za ile malaya ilihamia He used to love bragging about Democrat victories against Trump in the courts. It’s amazing how little you know about this matter.

Anyone who saw and remembers those old court cases would conclude that Trump should expect to have his cases thrown out because there was obvious bias against him even back then.

Here is a famous example when Trump blocked some goons on Twitter. This judge was only too happy to stick the finger to the newly elected President :

[SIZE=7]Donald Trump cannot block anyone on Twitter, court rules[/SIZE]
This article is more than 2 years old
A New York judge rules @realDonaldTrump is a presidential, not personal, account and blocking violates the first amendment
Sam Wolfson in New York
Wed 23 May 2018 19.36 BSTLast modified on Fri 25 May 2018 11.57 BST

Play Video
Right to see Donald Trump’s tweets gets judge’s backing – video
A district court in New York has ruled that Donald Trump cannot block people on Twitter, because it violates their first amendment rights to participate in a “public forum”.
The case was brought forward by the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University, representing seven plaintiffs who have been blocked by the president.

[SIZE=6]New NFL rules: teams face fines if players kneel during national anthem[/SIZE]

Read more
In ruling against Trump, the court pointed to past White House assurances that the president’s Twitter account is an official political channel. In her 75-page opinion, [SIZE=5]the United States district judge Naomi Reice Buchwald wrote[/SIZE]: “The president presents the @realDonaldTrump account as being a presidential account as opposed to a personal account and, more importantly, uses the account to take actions that can be taken only by the president as president.”

From your beloved CNN here is another example of a famous case that Trump lost in 2017 ruled by a biased judge.

Trump was challenging sanctuary cities where Democrats hide dangerous illegal elements from Mexico.

These Mexicans stay in sanctuary cities where they are very poor,no jobs but in return they have to return the favour to Obama and Hillary by voting Democrat.

Ukora tupu. They have ZERO papers but they are hidden in sanctuary cities.

One criminal was deported 5 times but the city of San Francisco hid him. That is until he killed someone.

Democrats are thugs. They even released that guy so that he was not deported by the feds and yet he was a well known criminal.

[SIZE=7]Judge issues blow against Trump’s sanctuary city order[/SIZE]
By Jeremy Diamond and Euan McKirdy, CNN

Updated 1802 GMT (0202 HKT) November 21, 2017

(CNN)President Donald Trump’s latest executive order aimed at implementing the hardline immigration policies he championed during his campaign has been blocked by a federal court.

US District Court Judge William Orrick issued a permanent injunction Monday blocking Trump’s executive order seeking to strip so-called sanctuary cities of federal funding.

The ruling represents a major setback to the administration’s attempts to clamp down on cities, counties and states that seek to protect undocumented immigrants who come in contact with local law enforcement from deportation by federal authorities.

The murder trial of an undocumented immigrant has drawn national attention – in part because he had been deported from the United States five times.
Jose Ines Garcia Zarate’s trial for the shooting of Kate Steinle, on a San Francisco pier in July 2015, stirred the already heated debate over immigration.
The case became a rallying cry for Trump and GOP politicians, who have invoked Steinle’s name in decrying sanctuary cities and promoting the construction of a border wall.
Before the shooting, officials in San Francisco had released Garcia Zarate from custody instead of turning him over to immigration authorities.

Trump the sore looser. Why withdraw troops when he gets defeated?[MEDIA=twitter]1335124592168464386[/MEDIA]

So are the 81 million Biden voters a coalition of college educated, baby killing, God hating, China loving, tree hugging, LGBT promoting, illegal immigrants cult?

Let’s be serious. We cannot characterize 81 million or 74 million people as cults.