Republican U.S. judges choose Constitution over Trump as election fraud cases keep failing

If President Trump and his campaign’s legal team thought conservative-leaning federal judges would be especially sympathetic to their allegations of election fraud, the record is showing they were mistaken.
Judges appointed by Republican and Democratic presidents alike have struck down the campaign’s allegations of voter fraud in every case on which they have ruled, according to a Yahoo News review of post-election federal complaints, active and closed, that were brought directly by the Trump campaign or by attorneys who are independently seeking to invalidate the results of the election in battleground states.–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTk2MDtoPTEwNS43NDUxNDAzODg3Njg5/

The review found that none of the nine federal judges who were appointed by Republican presidents or identified as Republicans before their confirmation (including a three-person appellate panel) assigned to seven of the 13 total cases, as of Dec. 3, ruled in favor of the campaign’s election fraud allegations. Lawsuits were filed in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Nevada, Wisconsin and Arizona.
Although federal judges are not expected to openly support a partisan agenda, Trump has often boasted about the number of conservative judges he has appointed and implied he expected them to rule in his favor. On substantive legal questions many of them have, but the electoral process, which goes to the heart of American democracy, is a different story. The campaign’s inability to gain traction with conservative judges is telling.

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I said it. Once appointed, federal judges can keep their positions for life barring any serious scandal. It would be stupid for one to try and put their career on the line by attempting to rescue the sinking ship that is Trump. Whether they were appointed by Republicans or Trump is inconsequential. Trump cannot “un-appoint” them even if he magically wins a second term or wants to do so in the month before he leaves office.

A federal Judge is not stupid enough to drink the Alex Jones cool aid and conspiracy theories that simpletons readily embrace without questions. Being educated is one thing, but being wise and bright does not come with education.

All top Democrat leaders are lawyers! And of course walisoma na hawa judges. Walilala dorm moja. Walikula chakula same. And in the words of the street poet Rick Ross, “They even fucked the same hoes!”

Bill Clinton, Hillary, Obama, Biden, Kamala, Schumer… all of them are filthy scheming activist lawyers. Trained lawyers.

Heck even Michael Obama is also a lawyer. He met Barack at the law firm Sidney Austin LLP where the two men fell deeply in love.

Since 2017 Trump has not won any cases in any U.S court. And @obienga can confirm.

They’re just kicking the can down the road. The evidence is overwhelming, and will require brave Judge(s).

Tupatane SCOTUS.

Kama ulisoma na mtu unaeza mruka kweli in his or her hour of need?

Ujue Trump ameingia siasa juzi, Biden has even paid school fees for some of the younger GoP leaders. Guy has been around since time immemorial. They have had dinner in each others houses probably even swapped wives you know how these white people are.

Trump ako pabaya I say but atatoboa.

I can imagine Giulliani anapigiwa simu daily na Hillary, “Boss ni nini? We go back, we have history. You were mayor I was senator… ni nini???”

If the judges were being called to be influenced you think the PRESIDENT with all the intelligence people under him would not have that scandal unearthed and the judges sacked? That is a very serious offence. But I understand MAGA people believe Trump is a helpless always-victim. He has successfully painted himself as victim. nothing is ever his fault. even filing weak suits in the courts is not his fault. It is always someone else’s fault. What an unlucky man

Boy you reason like someone from busaa dens. I used to reason like you 30 years ago


Time ya Bush vs Gore, the lower courts were kicking Bush out, till he managed to get to SCOTUS. Judges know where Presidential dispute cases should be mitigated. In .ke the Constitution gives that mandate to the SC.

What’s your point federal wayist?

[SIZE=5]Trump sometimes hujirusha kwa moto akiona, this is a son and his uncle:[/SIZE]

William Barr, center, at his 1991 nomination hearing, with Senators Joseph Biden and Patrick Leahy.

What are the chances of a lower court in PA opting to take a case, where Trump is requesting for hundreds of thousands of votes to be thrown out ?
@Abba what’s your opinion on Senate hearings that are happening in various states ?


What Senate hearing are referring to? There only person moving round in state Senate doing mock hearing ni Rudy Giuliani. But my friend listen…“It’s all on auto pilot”.

Good enough

"We do not have Obama judges or Trump judges, Bush judges or Clinton judges,” Mr. Roberts said . (Chief Justice John G. Roberts)

Rethuglicans, hear ye!

Umesahau ya kwamba you have not forgiven Willy Mutunga for refusing to side with your guy? Just the other day, 2013

So how is the U.S different from Kenya? Judges take sides. They are human.

Trump’s only mistake is not going to school and to bed with these lawyers/judges.

Hata George Bush alikuwa Ivy League Yale and Harvard with many of these Democrats. And they have those secret societies and fraternities. While at Yale, George Bush joined the Skull and Bones society.

Maybe that’s why the liberals didn’t hound him as much.

Wewe hujifanya unajuanga mengi. It’s like you are the mafia warlord of Bidenstan. You know nothing @TrumanCapote . So all judges have a WhatsApp group that they choose to screw trump and you @T.Vercetti is the group admin? Stop urinating your ignorance…cc @Swansea