Reproductive Biology 101

This is a new series for the benefit of clueless Juveniles in here …
Various topics of Interest will be covered… :blush:

Topic 01 : The Linea Nigra :-
The Linea Nigra is a dark line that develops on a Woman’s stomach during pregnancy.


It usually extends from the belly button to the Pubic area.
The Linea Nigra is caused by an increase in hormones and fades away once the baby is born.

educate us juveniles. what is its purpose?

It’s this

For pro-choicers.

Topic 02 : Cesarean Section.
Herewith the proceedure.


A few days after the Proceedure …
The healing Scar …
( …The very observant among you will notice the “Linea Nigra” is begining to fade away …)
Respect Mothers:grin: