Reprieve for milk farmers

Uhuru orders KCC to pay farmers 33 shs citing an 8 shs increment from the initial 25 shs

Brookside buys the same at Ksh.17 and goes ahead to sell it al Ksh.110 per litre. no reprieve yet

mbona haku order brookside ifanye hivo pia?

Sasa Brookside itanunua liter @ ksh 17 halafu iuzie New KCC at ksh 33.

Milk business ni no go zone

hio familia hutuona wajinga sana

:smiley: hapa kenya kuna mambo

Why? Vile I am planning to start a processing plant sometime this year

Target a small town the do yoghurt.

:D:D clever of them

How will kcc compete if brookside buys the same milk at 17 sh

Ni njia ya kumaliza KCC so tunafaa kununua KCC na tuache hizo brands za brookshiet

Same shiit different strategies…Kenyatta family will be the first beneficiary of this order

can KCC even handle 10% of the market? should have ordered both KCC and Brookside

KCC haiwezani Gatheca akiwa in place.

Don’t be discouraged.

Upuss!!!he should allow yellow maize to make the cost of concentrate s cheaper, control the price of Ai and zero rate the cost of machine s like chaff cutters, milking machines and water pumps.

Chief,no rich man wants to make you rich.he’ll give you enough to survive another day with a bit of comfort and energy to work for him/produce his goods. If you want to be rich outthink the rich man and you’ll be wealthy.

Mummy alimkataza