Repost... Hang her by her Boot straps

Rant commence
Yes nah ferk yes. That obnoxious woman has been arrested. My grudge with her goes back to the time she answered The the AG Githu rudely. The AG, as a friend of court, had sought to advice the bench on how to go about hearing the oral submissions and retire to consider the written before handing down the much sought after ruling within the time frame. It was then that the Arrested suspect retorted menacingly…“directives will come from the Bench, not the Bar. We know what we are doing”. From that moment on, every ounce of my being swore by her boy_hair style [ATTACH=full]190286[/ATTACH]to hate for all eternity. I hope they find her guilty and throw the book at her.
End of Rant.

You’re a sad man. By the way what is your boy Githu up to?

Yenyewe kizungu ni ngumu !
The fish is relatively big

Kwani kulikuwa na shida yeye kujibu hivo?


you hold your grudge for 1 year?? surely you need to be rechecked. tulisahau elections mabenda and much has happened since then …why are you stuck to that

The bus christened Unforgiving bado yaendele kujaa…

feelings achia wamama. She has been released, go swallow a cactus.

Swallowing a cactus right now bro.

:D:D:D Salaam Aleykum

When Paul Muite sort clarifications on the bench’s ruling and she had no clue what was in the ruling.