Report: Kenya foiled assassination attempt on Netanyahu during his visit

Kenya’s security forces allegedly foiled an attempt to assassinate Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by attacking his convoy during his visit to the state as part of a five-day trip to Africa, the Kuwaiti daily newspaper al-Jarida reported Thursday.

An anonymous source told the newspaper that on Tuesday, shortly before the Prime Minister left the local airport on his way to his hotel in Nairobi, the Kenyan authorities informed Netanyahu’s security guards that the convoy must change its route.

The surprising alert, according to the source, aroused arguments between Netanyahu’s security guards and the Kenyan security forces
At the beginning, the Israelis decried the security arrangements in Kenya. However, after the convoy changed its course and arrived in a safe hotel, it was discovered that Kenyan intelligence exposed a plan to attack vehicles in the original course. Thus, the decision to change the course saved the Israeli delegation," the source told the newspaper.

Following the alleged incident, Kenya’s security forces arrested two people suspected of planning an attack against Netanyahu’s convoy.

According to the source, due to the warning, additional alterations were introduced into the prime minister’s schedule in Kenya.

Netanyahu, when told of the report at an Addis Ababa press conference with Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, looked genuinely surprised and said that this was the first he heard of it, and did not know anything about the report.

His spokesman, Boaz Stempler, said that it was "utter nonsense.

His spokesman, Boaz Stempler, said that it was "utter nonsense.
There you have it…

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This thread should have been titled ‘Utter Nonsense’.

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False report:

Mossads mondus operandi is “accept or deny nothing” I am abit shocked at his response which says he said that was utter nonsense.Does it mean he accepted or denied the attempt? Your guess is as good as mine

Al Qaeda will punish Kenya for this report even if the report is false.

Hii Kenya ilitaka kujichocha,it backfired chieth on their face.