Replacement battery:HP Envy 13"

My trusty 2017 HP Envy 13-ad0xx laptop battery has finally given up the ghost. Lack of coin right now makes getting a new laptop out of the question.
Any pointers to genuine HP replacement batteries available in our Kenyan market?

I have an old HP too would also like to know.

Biashara St. Jumia complex or adjacent shops. Dozens of shops

Ama ufungue hio beta ubadilishe hizo 18650 cells, bora bms isikue imekafunga

Batteries utapata kenya ni generics tu after 1 year zimechapa. Option is you import an original battery from abroad.

umewahi jaribu kuimport battery?
battery falls under RoHS
utalipishwa kama shiet

tafuta wasomali uimport vitu kutoka majuu. wanajua kucheza kama wao na mali inaingia kenya with very little or no tax at all.

Hao wasomali ndio wagani? Bila contacts hii itabaki hearsay

@Bingwa Scrotum idris inanta (sistako) kaale fariso. Firi!!

@Wanaruona pea huyu jamaa contacts za ile watu ya Afrisali

Siku hizi na tumia skyway

Check here they are the authorized hp service centre in Kenya. you will get an original , genuine legit battery from OEM but it will be quite expensive will cost you above 7k . Email them and they will send you a quote .All others are generic they won’t even last one year.if you ignore to replace your HDD or SSD will be the next in line to die. Power interruption causes the pc to shut down incorrectly and hence spoils the drive . @Irregardless

leta link mkubwa interested too

Ni tricky. Hiyo bms ikidisconnect inaloose memory and will require reprogramming.

Whats the solution here? Hizi generics ziko weak sana, they do maximum 2hrs, then they die within a shot time span

Previous experience on an older laptop tells me to avoid generic batteries. I made 2 replacements, both failed in about a year. The answer is to import if you want reliable service for another few years from your laptop.
Now if only someone could point, in specific terms, where from… a website or e-retailer