Replaced ID( urgent)

Hello everyone, Niko na swali hapa. Can I use an already replaced National ID? Or alternatively is there 100 per cent resemblance and is it acceptable for official paperwork?
Thanks in advance

Yes, as long as whoever you are presenting the ID to does not require serial number

Passport application?

Iko ngangari. ID number ndo kusema. Ata picha hubadilika in some cases but it’s still applicable

What’s the difference? It’s the same details as the newer ID and rarely does one gets asked for their ID serial number

Okay. Much thanks

Nilipoteza id '05 ikiwa na picha ya form 4 nikarenew 2017 nikiwa kipara,haijawahi sumbua. ID number ndo kusema.

In case you they need serial, you will be fcked up

It is actually an offence to use the old one when you have a newer one. Anywhere there is border control or an exit port don’t dare use it.