Replaced Galaxy Note 7 explodes on a Southwest flight


It looks like Samsung’s exploding battery woes may not be behind it just yet. According to a report from The Verge, a Southwest Airlines flight was evacuated this morning when a Galaxy Note 7 began smoking in a passenger’s pocket. Worryingly, the phone wasn’t actually one of the recalled defective units—it was a new model that had already been replaced by AT&T just a couple of weeks before.

The plane was still at the gate when the Note 7 caught fire, and all passengers were successfully evacuated with no reported injuries.

Phone and laptop battery explosions do crop up in the news from time to time, but they rarely result in recalls on the scale of Samsung’s. More frequently, they’re the result of physical damage, which appears to be the case for both an iPhone 7 and an iPhone 6 Plus that have made the news for exploding this week.

Whether the Note 7 was physically damaged or not isn’t clear, but it is definitely a replacement Note 7 as denoted both by a black square on its box and a green battery icon. The passenger confirmed that he had picked up the new phone on September 21.

Sad…I think Samsung has run it’s course and this is the beginning of it’s end. They’ve always had battery problems and it looks like the batteries will do them in.

That is a @TerribleWaste

I love Samsung and they need to fix this issue. Is the note 7 battery internal ama it is removable? @Deorro


chukua Google Pixel. same price but simmilar features and a better cam and processor

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Luwere Samsung

hio simu ya gugu walilaunch juzi inaitwa na specs zake ni?

si ndio hiyo pixel

specs tulitaja kwa ile post ingine

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badala ya Note 7 chukua Galaxy Edge 7

the phone is actually made by HTC, huawei refused to make it bacause the deal was that they were not to label it huawei

Google pixel will be a massive failure, due to its price

will depend on how the market it

hata Foxconn huundia most OEM’s their devices. Google dictated everything about the design and Hardware, HTC their work was just to make it based on the specs they were given

Hardware by HTC is something trustworthy lkn bei jo

Will Google ditch Nexus, or rather who is the target market for the new Pixel?

Who else thinks nexus and pixel are uaf?