Repairing a dead Samsung tablet

My Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 stopped charging and hang while I was surfing. Had to wait till charge iishe o try and recharge it but ilikataa kuamka.

I took it to Samsung customer service centre wakaniambia to repair it will cost 67,000 KES. Nimeona it’s better to buy a new one. Which is the best tablet for under 15k?

What do i do with this dead tablet? Anyone who can repair it before I buy a new one?

Too much!

Eti how much… Wueh kwani how much did you get the tab for?

Yes, 67,000. I even asked them to clarify if they meant 6700 but they were like nope, 67,000 as in with three zeros. They said it is an old model, pre-2014 and the motherboard and charger parts that need replacing are not easy to find. Tab nilipatiwa but I am sure it did not cost more than 50k, it was bought in 2014. Partly the reason I didn’t feel too bad about it is because it was 3G, old and imetumiwa kiasi

If it’s a charging system issue that will cost u atmost 3k but if it’s motherboard is toast which I assume that’s why Samsung service charged u that much, then olewako. Suffer in silence

For 67k which tablet can I buy? Too many good models hadi I am confused

Where can I fix the charging system for a Samsung tablet?

samsung service centre should. if you don’t have trust issues try wasee wa town

Tablet model?

Model GT-P5200

Galaxy tab s3


If Ur certain it’s a charging system related problem enda Luthuli as u exit at river rd on your left Kuna duka inaitwa Valid Electronic they sell mobile parts in wholesale regardless kama wewe NI fundi ama customer,ask for charging system for that specific model,ask those tusichana to direct you to trustworthy fundi who can fix it for u


Thanks so much. I will do that.