Rentals Westlands and environs

Where can I get a bedsitter that will enable me access chiromo area within an hour of leaving home and home within the same period of leaving that area? How much should I budget too for that. Nataka mahali Iko safaricom fibre ready and I’ll only be staying there for around 7 months. Place pia chances of me kurukiwa are minimal

Itabidi umepiga lap hizo area code and interact na ma soldier and give them your number and promise kitu if and when they get you a place. But ni ngumu juu you have to get those apartments with a separate SQ from the main hao. And generally those are hot cakes with chics, many book even years in advance. Najua a lady who leases hers for about 20k and it has never been empty for a day…mtu anatoka inapigwa rangi next tenant akiwa hapo na pickup ya vitu zake. Good luck

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How long on average does it usually take to access the CBD from Io area ya kempinski after 5pm?

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Peddler hurumia hii kizazi tuko nao

There isn’t much traffic going to CBD at that time, so I’d guess less than 20