Rental units

who has done single rooms on 50*100 plot? shops mbele, standard single rooms facing each other. 10 units per floor. rent ni 4k-6k around. plot already secured.

nipeni advice, budget wise, design…experience zako…

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What location is this?

As much as I hate this idea, let me share with you a way to descent it up.
Please please, try make them with some thought or humanity.
Make them like studios, a section to cook, and a bathroom inside each room.
Don’t make people leave a slum life in stone houses.
Even though you only make less a room or two of what you intended, give people some dignity and be the change that you expect from others,


Its business

very sound advice


@Randy kuja

True, it’s a business but we are getting out of this phase

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man eat man, maybe charge extra.

blessed city of masaku

It’s always business man, improve quality of lives , let’s not get stuck on one wayof of doing things , our people deserve better way of living .


Give it a human face. Much as you’re in it to make money, don’t lose focus of the service you’re offering. In short, build sth you yourself would live in.

As a guide:


Bruh. Don’t waste your hard earned money. Hii project naona utapata return ya 25-30K a month Na ungetumia roughly 2-4 M. ADDITIONAL cost – Repairs , water & electricity bill, ju kuweka token Kwa single room Ni shida. Tenants hubuu tokens za 1000k inalast one year alafu wasee wa kenya power wanacollect hizo metre juu hazitumiwi. Maji wanatumia bill inafika 20k. I had a project in juja nikauza. Peleka pesa NSE


Boss NSE? You must be very poor in stocks, I know it’s a bullish run now but how can u explain the drop in share prices in this period during run up to the elections? Am pessimistic now with bonds with a sure Return Of Investment of 6% than stocks

@Abba unaitwa, kuja upeane mafunzo

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Depends on target area and expected income.

Assuming a full occupancy rate and if you build the multistorey units anticipated. The average income will be 100k. Its viable.

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Operative word here “assuming”… Sold mine this thing Sio mchezo vile unaona… When a new set of this things open up tenants wanasonga.

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I had to rewrite to use the correct words.