Rent 'n Floss

I have this suspicion that, between them, Jowie and Maribe have no tangible personal assets.

They rent their chic digd, drink and preen every evening at high-end locales where they can shoot selfies to impress IG and FB ‘friends’. Even their victim’s apartment on Dennis Pritt Rd. may have posed as a rich ‘businesswomen’, but she most likely rented for 80-120k.

She was killed for 6 million, which cam no longer buy an apartment in Kilimani but could have gotten Jowie his own wheels and sponsored quite a number of sippin’ ‘n slayin’ sessions in the trending nightspots of the suburbs.

Guys, if you are 29 - 40 and want to party with Jubilee and State House folks, know that you cannot match their spending, ordering bottles worth 3/4 of your rent. Kunywa zako mbili, fire up that Allion and go home.




Hehe. What allion?wengi wetu Sisi ni team footsubishi na sheobaru

Yanatuhusu nini haya?


Cheza chini

Allion ni lower billionaire.

I think it’s a stage where most mid 20s youngsters with new money (6 figure salaries) go through. They hit 30 and realise its a wasteful habit…and by 35 most have given up that lifestyle and started investing. …best thing to do is keep off those wasteful friends who tend to pull you towards expensive recreational habits

Jamaa stole the money to fund their wedding. After setting standards of proposing now wedding day beacons

Kama hayakuhusu jipitie pole pole.

WTH, may explain why Maribe was hell bent on shielding him.

Njamlik hapa umesema ukweli. You cannot match someone who has SGR loot backing their spending. Some of these journalists kama Maribe wakitumia kina Itumbi to get access to State House they begin to feel like insiders and all powerful forgetting they’re as good to State House as a megaphone is.

I’d like to believe for someone claiming to be a highly trained security person,you’d do anything just to maintain that image including killing your friend for 6M.

Kama hayakuhusu jipitie pole pole.

peweni kikombe ya uji kila mtu na mtume bill. GOOD ADVISE

Peer pressure si ya teens pekee.

Kwanza nowadays nobody is donating money for others weddings. Ukitaka nice wedding then inabidi uchukue sacco loan juu nobody is agreeing to join the wedding committees anymore

Hii maneno tulichoka nayo. People should work with what they have.

Cheza chini