Renowned nobel winning Kenyan physicist explains creation theory using string theory!!!

[SIZE=5]shhhhh… skilizeni!! Sheldon Cooper wa Kenya gives his analysis at a local muguka base using local sheng’ language.[/SIZE]




@slevyn Cant read all this explain, yaself!

I think this is what happens,when you watch a documentary on string theory, mix it with your primary school CRE lessons and then add Kenya cane to the mix. You get a ktalk “genius” .

So Moses made up the 12 commandments, to achieve what exactly???!



This whole thread hakuna kitu naelewa.

[SIZE=7]“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”[/SIZE]

― Nikola Tesla

I think what happened and this is just my wild guess, is that, on the one hand @slevyn anaamini kuhusu Mungu but admitting it openly causes him great shame so he decided to combine his belief in God with some physics theories.

But unfortunately for him the atheists he was trying to impress were not too impressed, so afadhali angebaki tu a Christian :

:D:D:D:Dthis is sad nigga!!! wacha niekele stamp ujiharie[ATTACH=full]322260[/ATTACH]

Sawa physicist. Ushasema. String theory. Tumetii. Resonating nirvana.

Hehehe, this idiocy seemed like something that’d come out your ass…Kumbe you’re only slightly stupid.

story za base ya jaba

Vibrating strings ni topic moja sikuwahi elewa Kwa physics