Remove Sex Designation on Forms

[SIZE=4] [/SIZE]all the requests have the employees sex designation (M or F). I cannot see any need for this, either in 1966 or 2016. If the employee requests training (or furniture or the heating fixed or whatever), their sex has no bearing on the request.

A personnel record will have employee gender information, HR will know, and when one meets the employee they may greet them. Having a bunch of forms with a sex designation is not just self driving car outdated, it is horse and buggy outdated.

I suggest the sex requirement on forms/requests, except where valid (HR, security, etc. as required by law and regulation) be removed as redundant. This will save time filling out forms with unneeded information.

Time filling out information not required by modern practices. Sex has no bearing on most work processes at all

if you are filling out a request for heating …we need to know if you are female, one …so we determine whether the need of heating is for official purposes or private issues. Kuma imekuwa so cold bwana hakuguzi

Sex exists. And the two sexes are different. You cant deny it. Unless you wanna be a certain british government official who was interviewed, and to conform to liberal standards, he said women are men with titties. Shiiiet man.

For statistics purposes.

how will HR know your sex when you apply for the job unless you supply the infor?

[SIZE=5]m/f…250 milliseconds saved…:D[/SIZE]

What if you happen to be owner of those complicated names. Do you still feel that hr will be looking for you to confirm your sex!?

so how does one doing a gender audit go around this? an employer must know gender data to provide necessary environment and to set policy. BTW in the US there is a move to include third gender

The gender issue will always be there. Now how do you tell if Kabando wa Kabando or Anyang Anyongo is a male or female if you are not Kenyan or better still if Orie Rogo Manduli is a woman.

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