Siasa mbali on this thread. [SIZE=2]As a disclaimer and as an aside.[/SIZE]

After 08/08/2017 life will go on whether Kenyatta or RAO wins. For the majority, your lot in life will not change much, unless you work tirelessly and envision where you want to be. A legacy for you and your family. If RAO wins and does not deliver, we’ll be the first to advocate for ROTP (Raila one …you know how the rest goes).

What’s the longest you’ve been away from home? Had to go on a business trip for a month and a half to Asia. Kuishi kwa hotel room with all the trappings. 5 star, all expenses paid. You get to realize the simplest things in life are the most precious.

Nothing beats being “home”. Even if it means living in a bedistter, single room, maisonette or ranch. It is yours. Even with advancement in tech - WhatsApp, live chat, etc. Those are the times you realize how precious being home entails. Hata kama una lala kwa 2 inch mattress. Home is home.

What’s the longest you’ve been away from home? Nakumbuka when I first went to boarding school. That first holiday niliambia my dad, second term utarudi mwenyewe. Boarding school shaped us. Some of the closest bonds until now are with some of my pals that I met in high school. True definition of boys to men.

Sunday musings. :smiley:

Sadly, those away from the home are the most wachochezi Wa Siasa.

Could it be because they’ve experienced how its meant to work? Perhaps? Food for thought.

You never posted your sojourn on the SGR. Leta hekaya.

Nataka kukamua Jaruo…because wanawake wenyu jo! Afadhali wanaume…

[SIZE=2](Be nice!)[/SIZE]

Kenyans can’t afford a referendum, already we have a very expensive constitution courtesy of opposition.

Mzee, just because I advocate for good governance and change makes me Jaruo? In all y’all eyes for anyone that is against your gOd Muthamaki has to be Jaruo. Jielimishe mkunga.

@Swansea I can actually picture you in Trumpistan typing this musing. :DUsinikumbushe…It’s soo depressing, that country! You have money, nice job, no vumbi, systems work but there’s no joy at all. People there are angry as hell and borderline suicidal on Prozac. Here even with my guy living in a single room, footbushi and all, I’ve never been happier!! Home is precious my fren, please plan a visit. :):slight_smile:

@Web Dev kuna sure bet hapa but imekula chumvi kidogo utaisamehe

Ukiona mtu amefungua Google Earth anaexplainia Walami mahali anashukia Molo Line akienda ocha (stage inaitwa Kambi Awendo) ujue mtu alikuwa amemiss home.

@Purple looks like you have started warming up to Kenya. It’s good. Theres a certain vibrancy that hits you when you land at JKIA that’s not there in Trumpistan. @Swansea please visit home soon. And often if you can. I was away from my home for so long it hurts to even think about it.

Always visit every year.

Kaa Mzito naval hishi kwa range

That’s why I literary walk home every day.