What if life had a manual? Life is like art and people around you give it color… Others are dark others are bright and vibrant. What if we could be able to curve out the names of the people who we want in our lives?
[ATTACH=full]190482[/ATTACH]What if we could be able to choose the people that come into our lives? What if we could prevent others from leaving? And others from dying?
Scars. Some cuts heal completely and don’t leave scars behind. Others don’t. They leave big scars, dark scars and some scars are the same complexion as the skin. But what if heart breaks left physical scars?

God. He’s the center of everything. But He gave us free will. That’s why some people think that He doesn’t exist. They say that man created God. How’s that even possible when men are so greedy and want all power to themselves? When they don’t even want to submit to some higher power? Bottom line is that either way you’ll have to believe. Believe there’s a God or believe there’s no God. Or even make a god for yourself and worship it. Free will.

Sitting here reminiscing. Sometimes we don’t know what to do, What will happen, at times nothing even works out. Sometimes we don’t want to move on from love. But once we do we find better.
I envy violent people, somehow they let out their anger. I envy drunkards, they drink out their sorrow. I envy clubbers, they dance their problems away. I envy criers, they cry away their pain. For me it’s always too peoplish outside, my tears aren’t criable… Eyes always dry. Heart cold as ice. Always building walls. Numb. Sometimes I doubt I have a soul. Who’ll save me?
Song playing. My favorite song.

Remembering the sweet moments, the fights, the betrayal, the fun, the adventure. Friends, they’ll always come to turn their backs on you sometime. Lovers will fall out of love one time. But why is the process too long while the outcome can easily be taken away?or the end result finished with minutes, hours or days??

Building and tearing down a house.
Making money in order to be rich… And broke the next day.
Falling in love after months or even years then falling out of love the next minute.
Even cooking for hours and finishing the food in minutes.

But is this all there is to life. God, food, love, sex and money??

Hiyo miguu… smash or pass? Smash for me

Stage 3. You are okay, healing is on its way.

Definitely smash… Inbox your number and i will save you

I’m in stage 7 already [emoji4] [emoji4]

@pseudonym ebu pitia hapa upesi…

Through smashing me?? [emoji26]

Haiya ww ni kaa midget

Nani kakuuliza??

Damn that was fast.

Deep thoughts Chocolate madam, it’s the way of life as a writer once said, it’s all vanity there is nothing new under the sun, and at the end of it all we all die.

No , there’s You.
You are at the centre of all that and that’s what most people forget.
When you put yourself first gyaaaal.The rest of the shit becomes worthy too.
But hapa uko tulipitia pia.
You’ll be okay.
Live, love and Eat. They say.



Yes… I figured everything out. And I’m glad




Iyo miguu iko sawa, nataka ona sasa ya @pseudonym na @Nefertities

Lol… You still have that one?? I still have it too.

My life has been better since establishing 2 important things in my mindset :
1.Never have expectations from anybody. That’s just a recipe for let downs. I only count on myself to do good things for me.
2.Very FEW people truly love you. They mostly love what you do for them and how you make them feel. That lover you talk about only loves the way you love them NOT you. In your entire life maybe 3 people at maximum will truly love you. 2 will probably be your parents the third one is hard to come by and very few people find that third person but when you find them you will feel it in every bone, nerve and hair of your body.

Nice legs alafu from kesho hadi Monday will be chilling in my bachelor lounge, kuja Eastleigh ukipata time.