Remembering Thomas Sankara, the man who taught Africa how great they would have been

Write your reply…We really lost a good man. Selfless character

A great African, a great human being.
Deeply missed.


Africans, some with the help of the west. killed all its most promising leaders in the sixties. And by doing that we have been rudderless for 60yrs…and counting

wazungu huwa jealous sana

Saluti african patriot.

Land of the upright men! The man had a vision, but they killed him like a dog, betrayed by his best friend. Its amazing how Kenya managed to avoid all those coups and counter coups

He was killed by his best friend with the support of France.

As we remember the legends we cannot ignore the future legends. Julius Malema is one future legend.

Aii, that kimûndû is vile and toxic, not my cup of tea.

MALEMA is a great man. Gaddafi was a great leader.

shusha story yake hapa pia sisi tujue mbili tatu zake.

@pseudonym and @Purple listen to these accents and tell me American accent sounds sweeter. I could listen to these guys all day.Love their accents.