Remembering Dr Bwayo, the Honest HIV/AIDS Researcher

Today we are remembering Dr Bwayo, an honest HIV researcher who passed away a few years ago. His death, in a carjacking, was international news.
Dr Bwayo was not a HIV/AIDS denialist. He was a conventional, mainstream HIV/AIDS researcher and a medical doctor. But in the course of his work with Majengo prostitutes, he happened to stumble upon startling observations. These prostitutes were not contracting HIV, in spite of being regularly exposed to it!
He naively published his finding, not knowing that he was stepping on some POWERFUL people’s toes.
The system has always known that HIV/AIDS is not a sexually transmitted thing. The system has always known that the so-called HIV tests react to proteins that occur naturally to certain people/endogenous retroviruses that certain people develop over time due to various cellular stresses. Never has a case of sexually transmitted HIV been reported. Researchers like Boiley, Beaten and Padian who report things like that “the risk of HIV/AIDS transmission from penile-vaginal is in the order of 0.001” or less are only working on extrapolation of data. Not cases of people who were initially HIV -ve and turned HIV +ve after having sex with ‘infected’ people. But this was hidden from the public, until people like Bwayo started talking about the paradox of people who are continually exposed to HIV [including the -ve parties in discordant couples] who somehow never contract HIV.
Up to that point (and for many people, up to now), the understanding was/is that sex with a HIV positive = (automatically) to HIV infection. So it is researchers like Bwayo who started exposing, to the masses, that the reality is otherwise.
[And even if we were to find sexually transmitted cases of HIV, there is no evidence that HIV is what eventually causes AIDS, because we find so many people with AIDS-defining diseases who are HIV -ve, and so many supposed HIV +ve who never go on to develop those AIDS-defining diseases].
Anyway, RIP Daktari Bwayo.

So hiv comes from ass only.

:meffi::meffi::meffi: kubali uko na hii kitu

Are you saying that HIV is not transmitted through sex? How then is it spread?

Eka thesis ya research tusome

Still in denial. Sad

Utapona tuu kuwa na Imani kijana. Hehehe

Huyo bwayo ni ghasia si yeye ndio alishoot driver wa number sita.

No nafikiri ni Obel alifanya hivyo. Bwayo Good. Obel Bad.

The so-called HIV tests react to certain proteins that some people have naturally [hence the inexplicably high HIV prevalences in places like nyanza and southern africa. How do you explain hiv prevalance at 27% in homabay and 7% in nairobi yet nairobi is mini-sodom?]. The tests also react to some endogenous retroviruses [decaying cells] which some people acquire naturally over the years due to various cellular stresses. So in a nutshell, HIV is not ‘spread’.

For now, I seem to be enjoying reasonably good health, and I Thank God greatly for it.

So kutomba dryfry haina Noma?

For 20 years?

Please. This discourse is old. If you have hiv, take your drugs and eat well. You will live long. Denial will send you to an early grave.

Kuna ma-ugonjwa zingine. But as far as HIV goes, even going by the official science, the chances of contracting are in the region of 0.0001 (Beaten et al, 2005) – which basically means that it is negligble/non-existent. Now you wonder why these facts aren’t explained during the so-called hiv education. our people have been led to believe that sex=hiv.

Please. No problem if that is the approach you prefer. If you are hiv +ve, kunywa arvs, na mwengine akatae kukunywa, tuone nani ataishi for longer (all other factors being held constant).


When a disease is a killer, we need to step away from conspiracy theories.