Remembering Aaliyah Haughton, Queen of Pop

On this day in 2001 the world lost a very beautiful and talented soul. They group made a terrible decision and sacrificed their lives. Thank you for your superb vocals and dance moves. RIP to all who lost their lives in the crash.

Sad, the world lost a great star.
My favorite

And this one,for bae.

She was a relative or something? somehow special to you?
I remember she acted in a jet Li movie.

Romeo Must Die

Ile ngoma yake ya "miss you " Ilikuwa her own DEDIcation ama

my crush, aki

R Kelly was kamuaring her sijui akiwa what age ?

Thanks for sharing; I attempted to t do so but was blocked on my end (copyrights violation, I think).

At 15.
I believe that’s why he wrote Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number for her just around that time.

muchane na mzito R kelly. robbing the cradle is sometimes acceptable if elders approve

RKelly must be quacking in his boots with all the outings, NAMING AND SHAMING going on huko stupid ‘Hollywood’. Having said that he is one of the most talented musicians/songwriter/performer that I know of.
I love his music but here is one of my fav…

Love his music but hate his paedophilia.
If he is ever jailed for his indiscretions I wouldn’t mind. Besides, he can still produce music in there like that famous Gaza guy.

Time flies. I remember the day she died like yesterday. Her first album was the best. Just a pure classic.

She was a genius. In the league of kina Missy Elliott.

I’ve never liked him- I really don’t know why. I know he’s talented, but I think he’s a better writer/producer than a performer. I had a crush on Aaliyah, and being almost the same age as her (just 6 months older than her), I was really pissed when he ‘married’ her at 15 while he was 27/28? It crushed my feelings and I’ve never recovered, lol.
Fast forward, as a father to three black girls, it’s sickening to hear of all the allegations of what he’s been doing over the years.

I was shocked too. I really liked her voice (and still do), and I had always wanted to attend one of her live performances.

I was then teaching computers at a small computer college, earning 2500 then, when the news of her death broke out. Will never forget then, the hustles of finding a better job.

Would have been nice. I really think that RKelly brought out the best of her voice. With Timbaland and Missy Elliot they stressed more dance style than vocals.

there are musicians in Gaza, strip!!!