Remember To Watch Great Conjunction Tonight As Jupiter & Saturn Jupiter Come To Within 0.1 Degrees Of Each Other

Skywatchers are in for an end-of-year treat. What has become known popularly as the “Christmas Star” is an especially vibrant planetary conjunction easily visible in the evening sky over the next two weeks as the bright planets Jupiter and Saturn come together, culminating on the night of Dec. 21.

In 1610, Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei pointed his telescope to the night sky, discovering the four moons of Jupiter – Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto. In that same year, Galileo also discovered a strange oval surrounding Saturn, which later observations determined to be its rings. These discoveries changed how people understood the far reaches of our solar system.


Thirteen years later, in 1623, the solar system’s two giant planets, Jupiter and Saturn, traveled together across the sky. Jupiter caught up to and passed Saturn, in an astronomical event known as a “Great Conjunction.”

Tuangalie upande gani…east ama west ama wapi…what time? Or its the whole night?

Tafuta hii app. SkEye

I have just seen them…the sky is very clear…one big clear star and one tiny one

which side of the moon?
the flat or the curve side?

Fuck now i can only see clouds

when i was out, there were clouds but they disappeared quite fast.
but i have looked for two close stars but haven’t seen them
are you using your Naked eyes?

They are very visible…naked eyes…i actually saw them by accident why walking from a pub…let me check again for u

They are on the western horizon.

let me try and check again

I also understand tomorrow the sun will rise some minutes to noon. Maajabu kweli

South western to be precise…have had to download a compass on my phone.

Aaaaaaaaaw Shiiiiieeeeeeett :smiley:

Lakini I’ve been seeing these two “stars” for quite a number of nights of late… Sometimes the moon iko karibu nazo didn’t think it a big deal

Moon leo iko :frowning:

Check now…western side…i can see them, very clear

Yeah happenng now

Same same… Big bright and a smaller one just below n beside… Binoculars hazisaidii though

All i can say is Galileo was a fucking genious ahead of his time