Remember the gods must be crazy movie the actor died poor

Did you know “The Gods Must be Crazy Movie”

The main actor of “The Gods Must Be Crazy”, N!xau Toma, was only paid $300, even though the film produced in 1980 made over $200 million. He died a poor wretched bushman despite making millions of dollars for other people. He was hugely exploited at the negotiating table. In fact, he was merely told what was negotiated and he accepted with happiness. Africans have always been exploited.

The film is basically about the conflict between the new order and the old epoch: The Namibian tribal people in a remote African desert live a happy life, but it is all torn to pieces when a Coca-Cola bottle falls from a plane.The confusion and myth surrounding the strange object disorganized the bushmen as they made efforts to unravel the mystery object.

He died on 5th July 2003 at the age of 59. He died a poor man because he was not only exploited but he lacked the necessary skills to even realised that he was exploited.
Yes he died poor after playing the lead role in a film that earned more than $200 million in revenue. Where else does it happen if not in Africa?


Sad story

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Exploitation is real. But had he invested 300$ well in 1980, he would have been ok, angenunua bloti


He actually did. Bought himself several goats. My question is, how did they get him to do that excellent an acting seeing as he is illiterate?