Remember Daily Gazeti?....UDA Sells Sex...Chuma Imekuama!



I find that thing to be a rude, obnoxious, homewrecking cantankerous, excuse of a harlot. Even Harlots would be ashamed

Gutter press

So waoguru have herself and then also has yp pay 50million? This sounds stupid. This is Raila’s people’s trash. The problem with this man is he keeps doing the same thing over and over, but expects different results. As much as I hate the conglomeration of thieves that is UDA, this Baba is nouch for Wheeler Samwisi arap Looter.

Where does Raila come in all this? I don’t see his name mentioned anywhere.

Kutomba nayo arror hutomba hawa wamama postwall wote!

This story is most likely fake news…where is the evidence?

Usually political party leaders will demand money to facilitate direct nominations…this is not even implied.

It’s a curse… they have to drag Raila into everything thing.

Gutter writer, cheap story. Oh, and when did Waruguru become a ‘he’? I hope you didn’t write this, @Mangele .

What is that cheap harlot wearing on her ugly body before such a huge crowd?

Chuma ni?

Kenya mlikosea mungu wenyu wapi? Hizi ndo mnaita leaders

Miguna was right.

Hiyo kizungu inachosha kusoma…reminds me of some gutter called " seen"…ilikua inauzwa stage za matatu 10 Bob in early 2000s…I bought the first 3 issues but after hapo nikachoka na hio umama

An editor would probably rename the story Mangele’s Tall Tales of the Yellow Thong, and classify it as Erotica, not News and Politics.:smiley:

2022 tutajionea.

Jest all you want …
But this is rather serious …

How do you let these backward political charlatans pull the wool over your eyes for so long … ???

Bure Kabisa , all of you … :mad::rolleyes:

How did we get here? There’s no country here, there never was. Shameful and worrisome.

Seen ilikuwa magazine ya porn …hata uliza @captain obvious na @Brayo44ki

Ndio nashangaa hio seen yake ni gani ilimboo, hapo ndio mid page ilikua scene za hustler city