Remember Charice? The One Who Sang 'Pyramid'

If you’re a millennial, you might remember it as every third song on Kiss 100’s playlist. Here, let me jog your memory.

Si mmemkumbuka? Just thought I should let you know that she’s now a dude. He goes by Jake Zyrus now.

I’m just curious…does he, like, still have a pussy?

Wueh!! And I thought she had one of the best voices ever. I just googled. Apparently, she/he is trans.

I can only imagine the guys that hit it before the transition. It mist seem like it was a completely different person.

If someone furked her now that she looks like a man, would it be gay?

What would you do ukakatia dame only to realize after foreplay, kissing etc ako na bick pia? Hapo ndio jamaa huingia Karura na hiyo story unakanyagia for life.

Tuambie, you have a lot of experience in whoring bwana lightskin


Just watched FtM porn and I have to say it has disturbed me.

In a rasta man Charice…

Unafuata fuata wanaume kwani nini hukusumbua? Hunaga akili?

You think everyone is ga.y like you?!