Remand/Jela na kuchunishwa sukuma how true is it?

Or people just spread rumours on fake theories. Me i’ve had two friends in Inda for like 2 weeks and they never mentioned this, they actually requested i send 2k for each to a certain number jioni of their first day and they had all the privileges mpaka ya kupiga simu kila wakati…(but you also have to send the 100 bob airtime like twice a week

I don’t think Ni rampant hivo .

But swali Ni wazito kina Obado na Ongili hukaa wapi ?

Wanatoka usiku through backdoor wanarudi asubuhi at 8:00 AM

Ao jamaa wako walifanya nini…?


Ni ukweli.A pal ali con mother in law to be (mother wa dame wake )400k.Alimdanganya he needs to pay down payment for a house so that yeye na dame waanze sushi pamoja.Three years passed akaanza kupelekwa mbio alipe.Was taken to Inda for a week coz alishindwa ku afford bond terms.His side of the family raised bail akatolewa.They noticed he has become withdrawn and very quiet.Finally opened up to his younger bro,wakampata hanging kwa his bedroom in his house after going missing for three days.Dame wake is currently married to another nigga.
Ukiskia beste yako ama mtu unajua amepewa bond muokolee kabla apelekwe Inda.Huko nikubaya.

Kenya ni pesa huongea.Wazito hulala kwao.Siku ya kupelekwa hearing ya bail application anatolewa home mapema then anapelekwa Inda.

Kucon watu tuu

Not true…

Hii ni uwongo, the best is they may only have a special place in the jails at a price

Ongili na nyakundi watakuwa best of friends this week

Wao hupewa cell yao kando na matress na blanketi zenye ziko store. Raia za kawaida ni kulala chini kwa sakafu.
Sio necessary uwe big fish sana… Sarah cohen time alikuwa muthaiga alikuwa na cell yake kando, analetewa food kutoka nje.

Sarah Cohen was not and will never be a bigwig,she was just an opportunistic thick headed Kunguru who couldnt think beyond a septic tank

Nimesema sio necessary uwe bigwig bora uko na a good lawyer

Avoid insulting innocent people please. Huyu mama she was set up by some people who want that plot on Farasi Lane.

I read in a book by Oyugi who went to jail over Oukos murder that on the first night he was there a certain young boy was gang raped hadi akafariki. I think he was in Kamiti. I think he was a DC or something but he was a sacrificial lamb hiyo time ya Ouko murder manenos.

I apologize.I take back the insults.

Obado was on a double decker though food was brought from outside and paid for by his office.

The real murderers of Cohen are the people who will end up with that plot and its very highly placed people. They took advantage of the acrimonious situation to get the plot which is very prime.