Relocating to Uganda

Elders, I interviewed with a Ugandan company from December and they offered me a job last month. HR alireachout and told me I will need to relocate to Kampala, which is okay. They will be handling my work permit for UG so no stress from my side about that. Currently wameniitisha national ID pekee and I have filled it in their HR platform

Shida yangu ni travel documents. I applied for a passport last month na biometrics appointment ni hadi March yet my starting date ni 18th this month. I know UG is visa free for Kenya and I can even travel with my national ID, but for relocation purposes as a Kenyan is the passport a must?

Can I get a work permit in Uganda as a Kenyan without a passport? Nataka kuelewa hii maneno vizuri before replying to HR. I don’t want to jeopardize the offer with silly questions.

Also to those who have worked before or currently work in Uganda, how difficult will it be to live without a passport? Like police interactions, banking, etc.

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Tembea na noti mpya za mafinje Kwa mfuko. It will save you from so many questions.


Temporary passport and yellow fever card you are good to go



Thank you.

I will check the temp passport on e-citizen asap.

Ambia HR akutumie barua showing that you need the passport urgently. Then enda nayo kwa section ya military/special case at nyayo house and your passport will be ready in 20 minutes.


Ukiboeka na UG tafuta job Rwanda usirudi huku mpkaa Lootall akufe kama vile Mary na Jesus walikmbia Egypt mpaka Herod akakufa


Temporary pp is easy, it’s just a 1 page sheet of paper with your picture and other info. But as suggested above get HR letter and try get pp before departure… may cost u some chai tho

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Wazi, I talked to HR and explained they have a 90 day visa in which I have to get a work permit. Work permit will require a passport so nitafuata this approach and try to get it processed faster.

Wakidelay I can always report to work then travel back nifuatilie pale Nyayo hse.

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Go to Nyayo house Uliza Mse kando. In this day and age you are trying to get a Passport the long way? It’s a one day thing.
Kama passport inakushinda Kenya, hapo Uganda utafaulu kweli?

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Hata hio temporary passport sai haipatikani

Did you manage to get the passport?
How’s Uganda?


Insist you be paid in Dollars.
Usikubali mambo ya kulipwa na UGX

UG enda na ile Temporary Passport ya Ksh 350 hapo eCitizen. It will be valid for 1 year while you process the Booklet Passport.

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This is an old thread. OP is already in M7 land.

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Btw hakuna 32 page passport ya 7500, you must get the 9k one ya 50 pages

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Ii jamaa seems was lured by ISO goons on pretense of a job complete with introductory job letter. Haikosi alikua threat to national security and is in custody of the state :rofl:


Kwanza kama aliitwa na muhindi huko UG
Lazima Saa hii awe analilia kwa shoo…

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Nliget passport man, got the job and relocated. Niko Kampala specifically, first 2 months nliikaa kwa hoteli paid by my employer. They already processed my work permit too.

Most people speak English, ata kama ni broken, but you can still communicate, Luganda nimeshika maneno kidogo tu for greetings na kuuliza directions.

This dusty town is years behind Nairobi. It’s usually dead past SAA mbili, even Kampala town, economy inaisha by 9-10pm, very little activity.

Food sio mbaya, nimeanza kuzoea combo ingine deadly ya matoke, nduma, pumpkins, groundnuts paste etc kwa kila meal.

But at some point ilibidi nitafte base ya Choma proper na wet fry + Ugali vile nimezoea. Btw hawapendi Ugali(posho).

Bodaboda ndio life, kuna mat(zote vans, hakuna nganya), but boda huku ni mingi ajab so sijawahi panda mat. Roads za Kampala specifically ni mbovu sana, at some areas, lami imegeuka ikawa murram, still within Kampala.

Night life sija experience sana, but the few times nimeenda out na colleagues, typical babes ni wale dark, sura kidogo personal na matako kubwa. Wale wanapenda big asses wataenjoy huku.