Relocating to Majuu

The first thing you will get is Culture Shock followed very closely by Food shock!! Yes. Chakula. Hata water tastes so different from what you are used too. If you are stable and with a family and making even 100k in kenya, you are better off than a guy akiwa majuu making 600k.

I dont know about Sweden, but i know about three other countries. In one, i almost slept in a homeless shelter. Thou after that, i made some good money and came home - No depotation.
What i learnt from those countries, east or west, home is best!


I do not know where you have been.

First time I came to Kenya I also was shocked: shortly after my arrival in the hotel in Nairobi I heard a very near gunshot followed by a screaming, then a second gunshot and silence. Next morning me and other guests still could see the blood on the pavement only a few meters from the hotel entrance. The security in front of the hotel confirmed that a man was shot during the night.

Further, security men and police everywhere you go: in front of banks, in front of malls, in malls etc. People who want to enter your taxi in town. And so on, I think you know best more examples.

Concerning food Kenyans who insist on ugali and sukuma wiki will probably get problems to buy it - although you can survive eating polenta, this is an yellow mush, not so tight like ugali. Otherwise we hae a big variety of vegetables. Of course in big towns - also in Sweden - you have African shops where you also can buy your Kenyan food. On the other side, tasting (Swedish) food is an interesting part of living abroad and open-minded people will love it.

Regarding water, you also can drink (tap) water without getting sick…


hapa unafaa kusukumia vijana through pass atleast wa earn something too

I share your sentiments after living majuu all my adult life.
I feel like a foreigner in Kenya and its the small things that you take for granted majuu like security, and the general smooth running of life that makes me sure that i could never live in Kenya again.

The last time i went i arrived in the morning kitu 7 and i remember someone on Langata Road hapo karibu Madaraka alikanyangwa na Ma3 and i swear nobody gave a shit and the only cop on sight was directing vehicles away from the now “assumed dead”… This jamaas blood was still oozing from his ears which means that he still has a chance but everybody passing by anasema pole!?.. WTF!!
I Don`t know that i can live with such in-humanities now. And that is before i have to bribe police just to drive on pot-holed roads etc…

Life is all about choices anyway and there is no Heaven on Earth.


Pole for your experience of your first night in Kenya.

For guys going abroad, you have to be ready to adapt to the new culture fast!! I tried as fast as i could to adapt but it was not easy. Good thing, i had carried some packets of ugali, drinking chocolate, coffee… the things most guys carry. I eat Ugali and milk for one week until i could adapt to the taste of the food.

forrowing…i also have ambitions of moving abroad:D:D:D


Its not just about food because most of the bigger Cities in this day and age will have an African Shop selling anything you wish for and if you are in Britain,France ata Sweden its in every town.

The biggest Culture shock for someone going to the Scandinavian countries and one that Nobody talks about is the fact that 6 months out of the year you will barely see the Sun and you live in almost abject darkness and under a metre of Snow.
If that doesnt bring out the Depressive Maniac in you,then the Summer will!... For a few days in August the Sun doesnt set and its daytime for almost 24 hours for weeks on end.

You have no idea what these changes in Seasons do to you psychologically as a Black African who is used to living under the Equator where the sun rises at 6 and sets at 6…


he he . I LOVE KENYA !!!

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Life majuu has its benefits, there’s no dispute there. I think one of the worst things I experienced was always feeling like you have to be on your best behavior around wazungu. It’s very tiring, constantly calculating what to say, how to say it. Speaking too much English can’t be good for the brain. At least in Kenya you can let loose, people will understand. When you’re abroad, your individual actions represent all the actions of Kenyans everywhere.


take a chill pill bro, lifes not that serious

we are all different basi my zungu pals really enjoyed my “Kenyanness” till some visited me after several years


Sure, when in Kenya, you’re supposed to act like a Kenyan. Majuu, you’d be expected to conform according to their way of life (speech patttern, dressing, culture etc)

Kwani ulikuwa mayuu buuda??? Leta hekaya

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Sawa Basi wasee wale wamekwama na ma PhD na Masters wani inbox nimesare kabisa kuenda majuu. Hee six months bila jua heri ikae manze

As someone who stayed away from home for quite sometime, I think you should consider the advice provided so far seriously.

First, you can do a 2 week trip to Sweden and see whether you can cope with the situation.

Secondly, don’t relocate your family yet. Live there first and assess whether you can take your family there.

Thirdly, be ready to take at least 2 years before you can adapt fully.

Most importantly, know whether you can get a job with your current papers. If not, stay at home.


Buda amechoka na monotony ya daily grinds and routine. Opportunity to try something different. Why not ? YOLO.

I guarantee you it will not be long before you see our country full of white people from majuu…looking for permanent residency in our country…may be hata 5 years hazitaisha…