Relocating to Majuu

Yes. Those who cannot get a descent job in Kenya do very well in developed countries coz they can earn more than what they would earn here. But if u have a degree n probably a masters, you should not waste ur time going there.


Had a friend in the UK. talked with the dude on the phone, one week later the guy is off radar. couldn’t be reached, only to learn that he had committed suicide by jumping in the Thames. For those who have gone to London, know how wide and intimidating the Thames is. He had been frustrated till he chose to die instead of coming back home with nothing to show for all those years spent in the UK. I believe for every success story there are more stories of failure, heartbreak, and frustration.

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Harambee ya fare na ako na kazi ya 6 fig salo? Kwani fare ni mita kadhaa? Hivi ndivyo watu hujipa madeni ya bure. Utaenda kurudi watu wanadhani uko na pesa wakuwe omba omba

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I’m in the middle on this one. I think if you get the opportunity to go abroad LEGALLY I say go for it. Just do a cost-benefit analysis first and like the others have said, be the pioneer bibi na watoto utawaleta baadaye. Lakini kama ni visitors visa halafu uende kukatalia huko please forget about it. As an illegal immigrant you won’t be able to get a decent job based on your qualifications coz of lack of papers. You will find yourself working menial under the table jobs so that you are not detected by gava. Ni shida tupu.


Atahitaji fare na pia pesa za upkeep (food, rent) for at least 6 months. Friends wengi husema watakuhost ukifika huko unapata story imebadilika.

Ehhh ni kwelicoz the guy inviting me anadai atanihost

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Make sure umejipanga in case of anything. Watu wengi huanza as best of friends, by the end of the hosting period they’re sworn enemies. Na wewe pia uwe a gracious visitor, chip in for grocery shopping, cleaning etc. All the best

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living together aint easy even best of friends hukosana on very petty things like shopping and paying for bills


Wacha nikae ntaani nianzishe biz ya mitumba na hiyo fare

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England is a different country and cannot compared with Sweden.

Before taking a decision whether to accept a job in Sweden, go there 2 or 3 weeks to check where you will have to live and first of all whether you can live there at all. Check also whether your friend is integrated with the Swedish community and first of all how his family is integrated!

Don’t forget to check the situation with your work and residence permits to be applied for by the Swedish comany.

The cold winter in Sweden won’t be the problem, houses have heating system and you will have suitable clothes.

Living standard is high like in all rich European countries, but if your wife will a have a job too, you will have one problem less there…


It’s obvious Hujataja yeyote!

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:D:D:D but of course!

Wapi @Ka-Buda na maujanja zake zote za mayuu…
Personally I do not even think of relocating to another house…am not qualifed to say anything here :D:D
Lakini leave your family out of your adventures. For now.


500K abroad is chicken feed. You’ll be living a very average lifestyle with that income. Kabuda doesn’t even make that much.

Vile @Ka-Buda atasema

Utakua wale wasee hukuja home after 2yrs.
Relax hapa hapa there is no happiness like having ur family with you everyday.
Some nigguh invited me to cananda for an offer but nikalenga.too much taxes.
Make money here and live happily.


vile wamesema…you’re a birionaire here, but you’ll be a peasant in Sweden

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If you are under 30 years of age wacha panganga za kwenda majuu.
You also have a wife and kid to worry about.

Kwenda majuu is a young man`s game because it takes you about 5 years just to grasp the culture and that is just in an English speaking country.
In my opinion you have too much to loose and chances are you will not like the lifestyle.

Kwenda majuu achia watu wako jobless and with nothing to loose.

(my 2 pence)…


After mostly negative advices why you should not adventure to work and live with your family in Sweden, this link may help you to build your own opinion.