Relocating to Majuu

Hey guys ni uncle best tena. Sasa a friend of mine has invited me to join him in Sweden.

The facts here.

  1. I earn a six figure here in Kenya kama salary.

  2. I am a statistician as a side hustle yaani ma PhD nachapa kama maji. (Masters thesis ni kazi ya two days)

  3. I have a biz (ya wife)

  4. Niko na mkudigan wa 1.5 years

The Dilema.

Manze I am tired of the same routine kila siku.

Jamaa tells me I can make to 500k huko with my skills and education (Msc. Forensics)

Saidia uncle best wasee

always take the pictures being painted of better life abroad with a pinch of salt, why not move there alone for starters, settle down get that job, confirm ni kusawa then uproot the family and take them there


Consult widely which u are doing, and if possible, go visit Sweden and see for yourself.
Majuu have been a waterloo for many, Una kuja na unauma bench permanently.


Mkudigan ni nini?
Anyway, if i were you i would do what Ice na Omera wamesema.

[li]Wacha kutubeba ujinga ati Msc.Forensics…what is that shit?never heard of it computer forensics?digital forensics?which university did you go to for your graduate program,sema saa hii we lynch you.[/li][/ol]

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You wanna tell us, there’s a possibility that hii maneno ni fake ?

usiende majuu…ni kubaya huko! Na hio 500k sio kamili…toa 30% Tax and 19.5% pension plus other manenos and you are left with 150k to plan yourself with. My opinion…not worth it.

Plus people tend to lie, deceive and misguide their Kenyan counterparts…Ati “Kuja majuu…kuna pesa mingi sana huku…wee usijali…nitakuhost kabla ujipange…”…hehehe ole wako, atakurusha nje kabla mwezi uishe. And they will be like “Maisha hapa ni kuvumilia tu, tafuta job ya kuspin burgers ujisort rent kama unatafuta job poa”



Boss, with what you have, you are far much better in Kenya. I have buddies in Majuu who wish they would come back home, only problem is that they cant bear the shame of coming back with zilch, apart from a container full of used goods.
Why do you think some of us who own Magnum pistols, X6 Beamer ,Sheparts and drink at Sankara with Baba …choose to stay in Kenya( Read Kayole)???




@kingolonde tafathali vaa helmet usiseme sikukwambia

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A friend relocated to Sweden after some guy had hyped the country for him. After three months, the cold alone nearly made him go bonkers. Had to come back first and try to convince himself to return. Went back after 9 months, tried and enrolled in a Uni., completed their masters course and came back. The guy who’s invited you prolly just wants company. I am made to understand huko mnapitana na watu hamuongei for months, yet you work in the same company, only not same office.


I think some countries are better than others for relocation. Shida ya Scandinavian countries ni taxes which will eat most of your take home pay, so do your math well. What will be your NET pay?? If you decide to go, please don’t sell any property you may have here. Should you need airfare and/or cash for staying there, ask people to changa for you. Those who regret going abroad ni wale waliuza mashamba na nyumba.


yep they are very big on welfare meaning taxes utatoa hadi uchoke

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hii baridi ya july vile inatukimbiza huku unataka kujaribu ya swiss alps!!!

Please don’t make the mistake of uprooting your family from here to take them to Sweden. What u have painted demostrate that you are living a good life and as long as ur here, u have the potential to improve it. people exaggarate life in the developed countries. My own brother made me go to the UK with the same fake stories. I was very disappointed. bahati i enrolled in uni n had my degree. I stayed there for 6 years n i hated it. From the terrible weather, to the racist people, to the loneliness. It was the worst six years i have ever had in my life. I thank God i made the bold decision to come back. Ur friend is inviting u but when u go, he will show you some attention 4 the first week then he will go on with working long hours n will have no time for you. Hapo ndio utajua Mr. loneliness can speak to you n can physically manifest. People kill themselves there coz of depression. Then there is the question of whether u will get a proffessional job Despite ur qualifications. their laws require them to give proffessional jobs to their nationals or nationals from the EU. Getting a decent job will require you to get a work permit which is very hard to get. In the absence of a proper work permit, u will end up doing manual jobs which are readily available. Utajipata ukipanga mizigo kwa supermarket or making burgers at fast food joints. The experience made me appreciate my country n discovered that the life we live here is so awesome despite the fact that tuko nyuma in terms of development. The system there ensures that you earn money but spend it all. Taxes n bills are very high. Kwanza rent is so high that people live in rooms. Very few people can afford a decent flat unless you share with strangers. I can write a book on why you should not go but the conclusion would be the same! DON’T GO!! My bro is trying to see whether he could come back after 15 years. His peers huku wameendelea!



We wacha diambo angalia UCT

Agree, East or West home is best especially if you’re already middle class in Kenya. I think the extremely poor people in Kenya could benefit alot by working abroad, and investing back in the country.


If you leaving well and net more than 150k in Kenya tulia and try invest, it’s better than going abroad .
What your friend is telling you is what you may get if you go, key word May.
Loneliness and adjusting down from the life you had, will take time before you pick up .
If you a risk taker as someone said, go alone test the waters.


Na dubai me i want to malaysia kenya for a few years