Religious violence spreading in the UK city after city

Panjeet tribal violence pitting India and Pakistan panjeets has spread to Birmigham from Leicester. The media calls it Hindus vs Muslims

I wish it gets out of hand completely and the UK degenerates into serious Civil War. Iranian and Iraqi Muslim factions waiingilie pia ikuwe full scale orgy of Violence UK iishe, Maumbwa, they have been responsible for countless bloodbath for the last 400 years.

Watu wendelee kupiga zoezi.

Muslims are dirty pigs and useless dogs, rooting for Modi bhai baba gang #GetRektMuhammad

All this bitterness you have in life will kill you someday.

It cannot happen in other cities. They do not have the numbers. Half of Leicester’s and Birmingham’s population is Asian and also Somali. Most of them do not work, kazi yao nikuzaana na kukula pesa ya tax payer. Walirushwa huko when London became too expensive to house them. Housing in the Midlands and up North is very cheap. Kila mtu anakula pesa ya serikali alikuwa anarushwa huko by force. The last time I was in Leicester City in 2010, all I could see was Hijabs and Kanzus. Na mkojo ilikuwa inanuka kila pahali kwanzia train station. Hawa watu huwa wachafu sana!

Sio kupenda kwao, wametoka 3rd world Hadi 1st world wakitumia fraud and genies.
No time to learn basics.

You wish.

Place you have an influx of muslims, just know it will never be alright. Those bonobos are emotional immature and take everything personally hadi kwa spine. I had to cut of one my somali friend when they threatened my friend. We should just round them together like what Idi Amin did to asians and drop them in Somalia