so they do mix as I insinuated. haha! and quit this kasuperirority complex you impose on yourself when trying ti comeback. you ain’t teaching no shit about no religion


Atheism, just like Christianity, is a white man’s “invention”.

Funny how we all look like arguing about things we can’t prove. Things we didn’t " invent". Books were written, philosophy was made, yet we behave like we are the sole founders. Quoting their books and words of "wisdom ".

Sasa when we were busy walking naked and having orgies in the name of African “religion”, some people were busy finding ways to conquer our minds and blind us with their religion.

God is real…but I think you discover him on your own. In nature and in people. Its a personal thing.

Point? Stop using the white mans beliefs and isht to judge your black brother.


were we really? I’ll take you up on that later saa hizi ngoja nikimbize hustle fulani ya weekend ipatikane…

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Well said. Unless someone shows me a black jesus I will not buy of the white man’s crappy story books.


You are an Atheist as far as Lord Vishnu is concerned.

Bad atheist @trish, bad atheist.



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Si mlikataa Jehovah Wanyonyi…:wink:

Haven’t watched this…seems funny