Religion is sustained by Resource challenges

The ever high demand for resources is the core reason religion exist. The earth will never generate sufficient resources to sufficiently cater for human needs and wants (material and non material). Each person struggles to amass as much resources as possible not only to satisfy the various needs and wants but equally to amass power. What about those who fail to amass a good resource portfolio, they turn to religion. Why? They perceive God as a pathway towards resource accumulation. Prayers are technically vehicles for self enrichment. It’s always about “me”. God bless me with a job or a car. What about all the other jobless people.
In light of the ever limited job opportunities, what do you expect God to do with millions of other jobless people. If he has a devine plan, why pray then? People in richer countries are less likely to believe in God or gods. In 1999, 70% of Americans belonged to a church. In 2020, only 47% of Americans belonged to one. In the last 35 years, the number of Norwegians that believe in God has declined from 53% to 30%. Up to 95% of Kenyans believe in a god!!.
Mao Zedong, I like you comrade, realised that religion and other bad cultural practices were suppressing China’s growth. He subsequently unleashed the cultural revolution that despite it’s many negatives, generated notable benefits. Most people do not know that China is an atheist society. If indeed the Christian God is so powerful, why does he allow Kenya, for instance, to rely on loans and aid from China.
Again, if leaders are chosen by God, why vote? Why the poor political leadership in Kenya? Theists, if you need money, just work. Yelling everyday in churches will never work. If God can’t make his own money, how will he make you rich. Africa will only progress (economic and human wise) if only we institute a social revolution. The end will justify the means

God and religion are manmade
It’s a puzzle how people consistently believe in them without any proof
Even if there was a God he/she is either asleep,dead or never gives a fuck


Absolutely. Actually there was a study that demonstrated a strong negative correlation between per capital income and religiosity save for Muslim Arab countries. The poorer one is, the more likely he is to seek solace from non-existing gods

True. Greece regressed once they became part of the Ottoman empire which discouraged science and modernism

Who made the universe?
Why is there such a perfect order in the working of the universe?
Why does the sun always provide us with heat and light without fail?

Believing without proof is the test. If there was proof, there would be no need for faith and/or belief.

Just because we don’t know who did what doesn’t mean the answer is by default God. Human ignorance or gaps in knowledge is not proof of God.

Post safi sana, tena saidi @Euler ! Unaweza cheza striker team Atheists.

The Sun is God.

Chifu, this is what we call the God of gaps fallacy. That is, if we do not know, we attribute it to God or gods. They way universe functions, God is not necessary, a view that is supported by Stephen Hawking’s. Science is still at the infancy but in the fullness of time, it will provide evidence for most of the natural phenomenon that can’t be a explained at the moment. Just to pick your interest, are you aware that stars die (through supernova) and others continue to be “born” each day. In sum, the universe is self sustaining and self sufficient