Religion is depriving Africans the ability to use their brains: Kenyans pay Sh75,000 to meet TD Jakes

American televangelist Thomas Dexter Jakes Senior during press conference on September 4, 2019 at a Nairobi hotel. PHOTO | JEFF ANGOTE | NATION MEDIA GROUP
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[li]KCB Group CEO and MD Joshua Oigara said the summit is the beginning of a new movement that will change and bring on board new kind of leaders.[/li][/ul]

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Would you pay Sh75,000 just to be in the same room with American televangelist Thomas Dexter Jakes Sr?
Well, a section of Kenyans would not mind since all the VVIP tickets to TD Jakes’ event have been sold out.

Hahahaha fuck this fat fuck

What kinda fuckery is this?!
Mimi huona hiyo billboard hapo uhuru highway/haile selassie nashindwa Bank na Kanisa inakujia wapi?

… Pesa…

Approach the same gang with z workable idea that needs funding uone ukiinuliwa tint. O always challenge my saved friends and relatives to think how much a difference their contribution to the church would make were it to be directed at research and development.

Sawa but one of them is sinking very low just to get money.Not sure which one it is.

Look at it as an opportunity to network with people who can afford to burn Kes. 75k.

I doubt the church can sink any lower, but yeah I’m sure the bank is doing a pr stunt

As a Village Elder, i think its too cheap ,at least waongeze kiasi ifike Ksh100,000 ndio nifikirie about going to see this ugly guy.

I wouldn’t call it religion I’d just call it as it is stupidity of the highest degree.
Software expired ama vipi @americanCockroach

The problem is, this forum is not helping that poor villager, if it is an empowerment forum it should be available to all more so if religion is attached to it. Anyway, let CEO’s attend, yangu inakuwanga Sunday saa nne and they dont charge that much.

Or to charity, contribution za kanisa zote in Kenya on one sunday alone can buy a few dozen MRI machines or build a few sanctuaries for street families, unlike the Israelites who gave their tithes and offerings to provide sustenance for the priests (not to enrich them and provide for an opulent lifestyle) and to provide food for widows, orphans and foreigners, churches are spending money on vanity projects, the kind that have zero impact on helping the poor and those in need.

I left one of my baby mommas because of this cunt.
The way women fall for these fake pastors and sijui motivational speakers makes me think that they really are intellectually inferior to men.
The Bible is translated into simple English that anyone can understand but you still feel the need to pay someone to tell you their understanding of it.
Kwani hauna akili?

Let people be. No one is forced! Then if u don’t believe in religion let those who believe be!

100 percent bootable

We would, but you dimwits insist on worshipping your dumbass in the sky overtly.

How would you take if I randomly approached you and began explaining the majesty of SpongeBob and his son the squid eeh?

Muache upuzi saa zingine!


@FieldMarshal CouchP ,kuja utoe maoni yako musito… include the words I.Q ,bonobo, low .

:D:D:D Baba umekuja sana.

If you want to know there are stupid people, imagine fellas who attend Ng’ang’a’s church every Sunday even when they are insulted.