Relief Food being distributed to a lazy stupid people seated on green grass.

the people who gave the place its name. you don’t expect the five kikuyu traders in ekerenyo market to change the name to Gikuyu, do you?


Kamba, their MCA is one Munyao. But a good thing is that they are integrated, you can only know the tribe of a person by looking at the Id, reminds me of parts of Khwisero, and Luanda, they are bilingual as it is with border places.

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So chances are they didn’t vote for Uthamaki? Shyet, they shoulda been left to starve to death bana!! Waste of government resources CS Kiunjuri, totally unacceptable :mad::mad:


Have you ever been to Kambiti?


si you tell them the only thing the people of the area are sure of harvesting in any year is mangos?


And oranges,


Hahahaha! Boomerang.

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The narrative has changed and the gleeful jakuonist have taken a hasty retreat.


nyasi inaeza kuwa green lakini shambani mahindi imekauka


Are they the first people to receive relief food? Govt relief food should be taken even to the highlands. Its not the govt role to feed any able bodied and sane person. Why have you moved from the village? You are free to move anywhere in Kenya and beyond in persuit for greener pastures. sande sana

Mwanzilishi wa uzi amekumbuka hakuwa amekula kiamsha kinywa. Tumpe muda, natumai atarudi hivi karibuni ajibu haya maswali yote kwa utaratibu. Lakini si vyema kumuongeza presha na maswali yasioeleweka. Si vyema kaka.


I heard a different version

kambiti was kwa-hiti as you mentioned place of hyenas,but people of mwea/embu/makutano could not pronounce the name as it was,they pronounced it as kwa-mbiti and later on adopted to kambiti.

Sasa watakula za serikali for how long…all their lives?

What about Mananja in the same vicinity?

Hapo sina habari ndugu,but will ask next time tukipatana na mzee

they should replicate the same in kilifi. huko kilifi 5yr olds still walk naked pesa ya kununua nguo haiko. then voi areas kwa wataita huko. government should try and be equal

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Progress is a slow proces coastal region has been marginalized for a long time.

[SIZE=5]This post is from some ignoramus that never traveled the last few months , Kenya was a dust bowl this people you call lazy have had 2 or 3 crop failures ![/SIZE]


That is Kamba land that has encroached Central Kenya.The sell good charcoal though

Who tells you there is no relief distribution in those areas?