Reliable Internet 24/7

Ok i had to make the heading juicy to catch ua attention

A friend of mine is installing CCTV camera at his place of business after being blackmailed by mfanyikazi over 100k (story for another day)
premise ni juja .Faiba na Zuku hawako hio mtaa bado so am kindly asking my good friends which is his best options keeping in mind hizo cameras need to be online 24/7 so he can access them frm anywhere.

Safcom, mbuzi mzee wewe

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Si atafte manager ama haelewi.

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Anaweza mount stand high level hiyo place akiwa akichungulia hawa wafanyikazi. ama achore job @uwesmake kama watchie


there must be an isp as jkuat has a stable internet connection has he asked acceskenya?

Btw i dont why i keep forgetting access kenya…

Wee rudi ukafanye survey jumia=100 location mombasa

Universities are connected by Kenet, sidhani they connect non-gova. entities

sasa anakamua mfanyikazi kazini na anakuja kusumbua na isp


Beign young and rich is like a weapon


nunua mwitu:D:D

…How many cameras are we talking about?

…Alafu Dvr ni gani…camera ni type gani…

so as to determine the bandwith needed…he also needs to specify how in ‘real time’ does he need the live video and/or footage.

Oooooohhhk. Lemmi get back to u after confirmation

record event ya siku nzima halafu utakuja kuplay jioni kama breaking news

…Niaje Engineer?

…Did you confirm?


ooh sorry nilipata aliita majamaa wa Orange wakamsetia net na camera pia


You do realize that in this village we don’t click on such links…