Reliable Ebay Sellers

Ebay is a mixed bag as far as sellers go and I’ve already been conned twice. They weren’t things of significant value but they did serve as a valuable lesson. I mostly stick to For banggood, most of the items are shipped freely or you’re charged an extremely small shipping fee and on average I get my things at the post office after four weeks. I tried gearbest but it took longer than four weeks. A friend of mine says geekbuying takes too long

There are two ebay sellers who deliver in around two weeks. Great prices and no shipping fees. They specialize in memory cards, flash disks, solid state drives (SSDs), wifi adapters and that sort of stuff.

If you know of any good ebay seller feel free to post the details of who, what and how below.

Never knew there are con men on Ebay. It’s very strict to sellers

Sometimes it’s not about conmen. Your order can go missing and ebay only gives four weeks for asking for refunds which is around the time order hufika huku.
The conmen are usually the guys with new accounts. Even if they get shut down, by that time washakamua watu kadhaa

That bang ggod is just another which btw has been my prefered source of everything (small sized and free/minimal shipping fee)

How/where do you receive your goods from after shipping?

I’ve never tried aliexpress. Delivery time?

Post office box

Usually between 14-20 days for my case…

Business days?

very suprised in ebay ive been buying since 2014 never been conned if supplier doesnt bring the item.I get a refund

OLX ndio base ya wezi …Someone tried to sell me a YAMAHA R1 2015 at 200k delivered…by Air from the UK… When i told him cops are tacking him he blocked me and deleted the ad.

Normally on hizi websites like ebay use a credit card kama unayo. Really easy to recover your funds and let ebay deal with seller, especially in instances where you did not get your order delivered.

As long as you pay using paypal account , you are fine. Mafala wa kugongwa ni wale hutuma pesa direct kwa sellers account or pay with western union. You have no legs to stand on.

I use PayPal and the problem is with the limited time to ask for a refund. One of the two sellers who didn’t deliver was actually shut down but ebay didn’t issue refunds coz it was over a month. In my defence, that was my first time using ebay. The second time may have been my fault but it all came down to the one month
And there’s no need for the insulting language. Everyone has their moment

Sijatusi mtu.

nimejaribu kulink my debit card(equity) to my paypal account imekataa kabisa kwenda kwa bank branch the helpdesk lady is equally clueless. hapo kwa bank account naona tu ni za US

Jaribu a prepaid debit card, works like a charm. Nakumatt Global Card issued in conjunction with KCB, top it up via MPESA.

Ahsande ango