Relatives and Friends from Hell.

Set boundaries between you and your relatives/friends. Your wife and kids are your true friends/family, hao wengine patana na wao mazishi na harusi.

You need lesson 101 on dealing with people. You can’t live without friends and relatives. You simply need to know that there are greedy users in both categories. But above all you need to minimise contact and also MYOB. One thing I also learnt thru experience is that you will only get to know the genuine ones when you have a problem not when you are feasting. I also learnt to discard time wasters and users ASAP. Only calling me when they need my help…I ignore those calls, recycle and make new friends as you cruise thru life. You can get rid of friends but what about relatives? dip in dip out, attend the family gatherings smile all the way and leave quietly. Na utoe pesa vilivyo.
Actually in short you need to know how to work your people as your relatives/friends may not be the same as mine.

I disagree with your last sentence. Not always the case.

I am learning, we are all learning. Nobody has it all figured out, we only have different levels and experiences to our advantage.

To some extent yes. I have achieved that. Although there are well known people who basically live off the land away from civilization yet they are well-adjusted individuals. These are the OGs that prove that a man, not a woman, can live self sufficiently with their own thoughts.

Famous poets and philosophers like Lord Byron, William Wordsworth, Henry David Thoreau, and Martin Heidegger, all devoted themselves to quiet contemplation in the countryside often isolated from people.

This btw is not restricted to western thinkers alone. In fact, numerous Persian, Arab, and Chinese philosophers in the middle ages often wandered alone, huko kwa desert or in the caves. Perfectly happy with their own thoughts.

A human male can easily live this life my brother. That is why you hear guys on this forum endlessly talking about mancaves and shit.

Mimi ata kukuja matangas is usually not easy. Tend to keep them at bay kabisa most of the time. These burukenges wanaeza ata kukurogo man. Stay at a safe distance from your relatives and friends. Thank me later.

Wrong assumption

just two weeks ago I almost killed my uncle at a wedding. more like relathieves


Niaje Omera?

Literally kill ama vitisho tu? Did you spill blood or break limbs etc