Relationships with kriminos

Jowie, Joey, Joe, women who date murderers. The good lady who was housing Jowie in the same house as her daughter yet she knew this guy was a Murderer. Women. Women. Women. Ni kichaa ama just being a daredevil to prove that you are capable of taming a bad boy?

No nice guy makes a girl’s heart race. That’s why they finish last

Let’s not forget female prison wardens giving these rabid gangsters raw to the point of getting pg for them. Insanity is real in this world. Women are this thirsty for love? Maji ya uzima quenches it for good. Not like you risk your job being fucked by inmates who wouldn’t give you a second look if they were not in jail. I worry about how easy it is to dupe women sometimes.

Show me one, I have been looking for them all my life to no avail. It’s funny but those men who are criminals, not womanizer, criminals are very tender to their women. They are the ultimate nice guys at home. When they leave their house they kill ruthlessly.

Oh, you’d find him too boring–he’d be a bookish, missionary, one-shot Joe. A woman with your temperament needs something a little more hectic I believe. Hair-raising, eye-popping, heart stopping rocking nights. Never settle for good guys.

I am enough drama so if we are both drama kangs and queens, things will explode. I need opposite temperament to dilute me, I’m very conc.

Where are you conc?

I don’t believe you. Someone as fiery as you sound can stab a man13 times if left unsatisfied. No man of peace will risk that. You need a beast to tame you; one that will not hear your feeble nos, till they turn into aaaghs and tearful, trembling sighs.

I think she wants a one-shot joe. Sex to her is sacred. Has to have it with the lights on.

Don’t believe everything people say about themselves. Whatever is sacred doesn’t need lighting. Ever eaten food in the dark? You never miss the mouth!:smiley:

There’s a difference between eating food at the kibanda and at the Kempinski. Sacred ambience.

Hehe, I prefer kibanda; people are freer. No exaggerated knife and fork protocols; no one cares how you chew–you can pick up your chicken drumsticks by hand, and you can catch the attention of the waitress by pulling her arm to whisper that the meat was little.

Yes never listen to what a woman saus, look at what she does. She says she wants a nice guy(socially acceptable) yet she’s always googling about serial killers (those are who she wants). You are right, you know her well. Women are depraved i tell yah. No woman loves raw and savage masculinity more that the so called independent women, very feminine and attractive women. They love a narcissistic man who treats them like a nobody. They want a man who ignores them and doesn’t give them the attention they want. They want a man who looks like he can overpower and beat the crap out of them. A man who looks like he can fuck them in the nearest bush or behind the church. Be a bad boy and watch married/young/ and beautiful women worship your feet.

Am as meek as a sheep ,but I love staying in the forest